10 Billion Apps Downloaded from the App Store in Just 6 Months

Only five months ago, the Cupertino company announced the milestone of 25 billion downloads from the App Store. The update in this figure shows the 30 billion downloads accumulated in June, three months later. The graphical representation above highlights a very positive outcome for the App Store. It clearly shows of yet another record breaking accomplishment by Apple. The published chart from Business Insider shows the trend of downloads made from the App Store over the years  since its introduction back in 2008 when it was announced together with the Apple iPhone SDK 1.0 .

Fact is, in the first half of the store iOS has already reached the threshold of 10 billion downloads. Just to appreciate the magnitude of this figure, think that in 2010 (considering the entire year) the download had stopped to 7 billion, while last year – 2011 – market studies have shown that it increased to 10 billion.

In just six months, thanks to the kindness of the developers who strive daily to provide quality games and applications for iDevices, Apple’s App Store was able to reach a number of downloads equal to those made in the entire previous year. At the end of the year, they are actually looking at achieve 20 billion downloads.

This is a good news for the Cupertino company. Of course, they own their success to their consumers and team of highly creative mobile application developers who continually strive to come up with engaging applications. Apple has promised to continue doing their best to be able to cater to the needs of all iDevice owners.

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