50GB of Dropbox Space for Galaxy Note and Galaxy 2 Camera!

In the recent days, there had been a fever of the ever growing necessity for huge storage capacity. If that is not enough, people had been clamoring for something, anything at all that provides convenience as far as data storage is concerned, especially for the ones that are always on the go. Mobile data storage had given birth to the compact, light and easy-to-carry USB flash drives. It had spawn numerous geists and incarnations since then. It is fairly comprehensible if that too, is never enough these days. Thus, a new generation of storage technology is conceived–the cloud.

When anyone knowledgeable of the most recent tech funk  hears of “the cloud”, they would immediately know that it does not refer to fluffy white masses of gas and air that you see hovering above on a warm, sunny day. Nor has it anything to do with day dreaming and the stuff, but rather, in direct translation: mobile computing. Files and data storage that you can always retrieve where there is an active internet connection. Thus born–Dropbox, the famous online data storage service, which is accessible from any platform and is now widely used in the world.

Now Dropbox, being the talk of the town for all the denizens of Geeksville, Samsung has teamed up with the brains behind the online storage prodigy. All prospective buyers of new products from Samsung’s Android Galaxy range (the ones presented at IFA 2012) shall enjoy a free 50GB storage space on Dropbox for two years.  Samsung thus consolidates the partnership with Team DP. It will be interesting to see if the “offer” will be added to that of other devices and if all incoming subscribers will be able to qualify for a bonus space completely free of charge for two years.


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