Apple – Samsung Verdict Sparked Increase Galaxy S3 Sales, Analysts Say

In the enduring saga of the squabbling giants Cupertino legend-Apple and Korea’s Tech giant-Samsung, we may have been for the long haul as analysts forecast that the substantial increase in the Galaxy S3 series sales as being brought about by the judge’s final decision. If there is one thing certain, the big boys at Curpetino sure wouldn’t take it so lightly.


Despite all the ups and downs resulting from the decision of the court on the Apple / Samsung case, the leaders of the Korean house may not be so bitter if the latest estimates published by analysts Global Equities Research would ring true. In the United States many have followed the compelling drama in the courtroom more closely than in any other countries. The judgment that has seen the two companies clash causes related to several patents that is no longer just kept inside the chest, and it was utterly imminent that just before the judge issued the final judgment, many users who feared a possible ban or failure of sales for the most sought after Smartphone took a frenzied trip to the nearest Tech stores all over and were in helter-skelter over securing at least a unit of their own.

Last Friday there was a significant increase in sales of its Galaxy S3 in many AT & T stores before it was expressed in the final decision of the court in the late evening of the same day, as well as several store operator Sprint and T-Mobile have received several requests from customers interested in buying the Smartphone. According to the analyst, such a situation could lead Apple and Samsung in the future to form a sort of cross-licensing agreement to promote the sales of both at different times, but it currently seems far from being realized.

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