Acer Set to Release Windows Phone 8 Devices in 2013

In a market where Nokia, HTC, and Samsung seem to be the main protagonists, a new competitor is gearing up to release a line of Windows smartphones. Acer, one of the leading manufacturers of laptops and desktop components, confirms to be working on a set of smartphone models that will carry a Windows operating system. The target date for distribution is set for next year.



Jim Wong, president of Acer, said recently that the company is planning a total of six new smartphones that will see the light in 2013. He cleared up rumors that all of the models will be carrying a Windows OS. However, he has also confirmed  that at least one of the phones will be a Windows 8 smartphone.

The rest of the smartphones that are set to be released by Acer will be Android devices. This is good news for those that are not too fond of the Windows OS and prefer a more user friendly platform. Of course, it is also great for those that love to make the most out of the Android devices as the can download numerous applications from Google Play.

The company’s strategy is to move forward and focus their target to consumers in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and India. No prices have been released as of yet as the models are still being developed but Acer aims to produce affordable but high-powered smartphones to be able to cater to budget consumers.


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