Android Clarified

Image this situation. You are browsing the web for some good deals on apps for your phone. You discover a deal on a media player that you like. You download it from the internet and install it on your phone. A few weeks later you get your next cordless costs and instead of being the $59.95 you anticipated, it’s for a little over three thousand dollars. Your phone has a virus.

Mobile phones work just like computer systems. And similar to a computer, it’s possible for your cell phone to get a virus or pick up some malware. While that does not take place very often, it’s more likely to occur with an Android phone than with a Blackberry or an iPhone due to the fact that Google (Android’s owner) has actually taken an approach to the development of apps that allows for almost anyone with the needed skills to produce an Android phone app. The Android OS is open source– meanings that that any individual can look at how it works, and anyone can compose apps that will certainly work on an Android phone.

Going Forward…

The open source method to app development is one of the reasons Android has actually been so successful. The number of apps available for an Android phone is growing quickly. Are the phones unsafe? Most Android apps are distributed through the Android Marketplace. Those apps are screened for viruses before they are distributed. By comparison, not all the details of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices, called iOS, are public details. That does not suggest that Apple’s phones are totally safe from malware, however. Social networking still opens a couple of holes – even in Apple’s security systems. Android phones are more vulnerable.

The short response is: probably. The likelihood that your Android phone will certainly ever be infected with a virus is incredibly small. As the number of apps available increases, that might change. And security is a more comprehensive principle than simply virus protection.

A variety of programs exist to deal with Android phone security requirements. Perhaps the most popular one is a Lookout. That program offers virus protection, data backup, and will certainly help you locate your phone if it is lost or taken. Most importantly, Lookout is available free from the Android Marketplace.

archive Pro makes transferring information from an old Android to a new Android exceedingly simple, and deals with any Android phone. Just recuperate the data from the SD card or Online Backup to the brand-new phone. It can even be used as a data archive. By running the program scheduler, backups of SMS, contacts, calendar and call logs can be conserved for a set date and time. If this information is later on eliminated from the phone, it will certainly still be viewable on the backup, and can even be obtained back to the phone with the append function of the restore.

McAfee and Norton have both gotten involved in Android security just recently and also have apps available. There are a few dozen other security apps available for your Android phone with a range of functions focused on everything from viruses to password protection.

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