Apple vs HTC: HTC LTE patents valid, the proceedings continue. iDevice at risk ban

The long (and somewhat exhausting) battle of patents between mobile manufacturers, HTC and Apple, reported a new and important victory for the Taiwanese manufacturer. While echoes of triumph over Cupertino biggie’s victory over Samsung still lingers, the judges of the ITC case that Apple filed against HTC have rejected Apple’s 700-page complaint. We are, of course, talking about Apple’s claim that HTC does not have valid patents for their Smartphones. Although the case has not yet come to an end, the judges have already received proof of the validity of HTC’s patents and have already given the go-ahead to use them in court.

The courts have essentially rejected the requests of Apple regarding the exclusion of such patents by the dispute. According to Cupertino lawyers, HTC bought the ownership of such patents from ADC Telecommunications in April 2011 for $ 75 million.

Judge Thomas Pender however, has cleared any doubts about the validity of these patents, saying:

“I do not care if they bought these patents. They are property right”

Whatever reason HTC may have had for buying the patents, strong evident fact remains that they are still valid and can therefore be used in the proceedings, and no one, not even the big apple can keep them from manufacturing Smartphones that somewhat bear an uncanny resemblance-feature wise-with the former’s most prized “innovations”.

The story has not yet resulted in the final judgment, but the stakes start to become more and more significant as the drama drags on. If the federal courts will eventually ensure the effective patent infringement by Apple with iPad and probably also with the new iPhone has integrated LTE technology, these devices will be at risk ban.

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