Dental Evacuation Systems


You probably don’t think much about saliva unless you find yourself drooling into the pillow at night. But it’s a very important part of normal oral functioning. You could not properly digest food without saliva and it also helps to keep your teeth strong. Fortunately, we all unconsciously swallow any extra spit, thus avoiding embarrassment in public.

However, saliva can also be a pain, particularly at the dentist. When you’re in the chair with your mouth open and a procedure is underway, you can’t swallow the normal accumulation of saliva. Worse, the fact that someone has instruments or their fingers in there can cause you to salivate even more.

So you don’t drool all over yourself, dentists have a device they use called an evacuation system. That tube they put in your mouth is a key part. Suction is generated that allows the tube to suck up the excess saliva. This fluid is then drained off. As you can imagine with all of the patients seen over the course of a typical day, cleaning the evacuation system should become a daily task for workers in every practice.

However, this is not done with just soap and water. A special cleansing formula like BioPure organic evacuation cleaner is necessary to get the job done and preserve the sterile conditions required by modern dentistry. To ensure worker safety, the regular goggles, gloves, and gown are worn while cleaning the machine. When the procedure is done, any loose debris accumulated over the day is now gone and water flows freely through the tube. The disposable cleaning tool is then discarded into the practice’s biohazard disposal receptacle.





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The Netflix Paradox

Netflix has been a major force in home entertainment for some time now and the streaming giant has been premiering a line of exclusive movies. While a few have been produced in-house (most notably, the big-budget science fiction film BRIGHT), most are acquired from outside sources. Reception for Netflix Original Movies has been mixed overall because they have been a pretty mixed bag quality-wise. Many failed to find distribution through the usual channels and ended up at Netflix.

However, it would seem that the major studios, which view Netflix as a competitor in feature film distribution, are increasingly striking deals with it. In late 2016, the company premiered SPECTRAL, a $70 million science fiction epic originally to have been released by Universal. The company deemed the movie unworthy of theatrical play and sold it to Netflix. While its highly doubtful they recouped the full budget, the cost of marketing is so high these days, Universal likely would have lost even more putting SPECTRAL in theatres.

The same thought is apparently behind the premiere Sunday night of THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX. The first two CLOVERFIELD movies were considerably successful for Paramount, but this one kept having its release date changed. Out of nowehere, during the Super Bowl, a commercial announced that the film would be premiering on Netflix later that evening. It was a masterstroke of secrecy and provided a great amount of publicity for a movie that is garnering little praise.

Cash-strapped Paramount decided that the movie would nor warrant the distribution costs and sold it off, though, unlike SPECTRAL, THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX reportedly only cost between $5-10 million. It was also announced recently that another Paramount movie, ANNIHILATION, would now be handled by Netflix everywhere except America, Canada, and China. In contrast to what is being written about CLOVERFIELD, this one has apparently been deemed “too intellectual” for general audiences. Whatever the case, Netflix seems happy to take on major studio “problem children” and such an arrangement could continue to be profitable for everyone.

Another First for Drone Technology


Remember the days of model airplanes? Those unmanned marvels are seeming even more quaint than ever in the wake of news that a drone was instrumental in rescuing two men off an Australian beach.

Originally developed for military applications, drones have really caught on with both industry and the public. These lightweight, highly maneuverable devices have also revolutionized aerial photography. Areas of the world previously unavailable to photographers are now being documented with gorgeous high definition still and video images. Sweeping aerial shots in movies, previously only possible using helicopters, are now routinely performed with drones for only a small fraction of the cost and no risk to human life.

The idea of drones being used in rescue situations makes perfect sense given their ability to easily go to remote places. Previously, the thought was that the machines could locate people in trouble, who would then be saved by a rescue party. However, as the incident in Australia proved, these tiny devices also have the capacity to carry an inflatable floatation device. The drone dropped it near the swimmers, who successfully inflated the rescue pod and made it to shore on their own. While their peril may not have equaled someone lost at sea, the two men were being pulled away in a strong current, so time was of the essence. In all, the rescue mission took only 70 seconds. Ironically, the drone had just been unveiled and was about to be sent out on a test run.

The idea of machines performing rescues has previously been science fiction fodder, but this week’s rescue is a further demonstration of just how far this technology is progressing. While the tumultuous weather might prove to be a barrier, it is entirely feasible that drones could even help to save people caught in extreme cold situations by dropping supplies that keep them alive until help arrives.


Never Get Bored Of Your Living Space

They say a house is a home – but a house isn’t a home when you don’t have comfy furniture to rest and be cozy on in your living room. Living rooms are generally, after the kitchen, one of the most used rooms in your home. You spend time there on family game night, playing Scrabble and Monopoly by the fire, or on movie night with your husband, curled up on the couch sharing a big bowl of popcorn. No matter how you use your living room, everyone knows that it won’t be a home without some seriously great living room furniture. You don’t just want furniture that can sustain long-term use. You also want furniture that reflects your personal sense of style. Whether you prefer the classic or contemporary look, you want your home to be as attractive to look at as it is comfortable to sit on. Again, you have to be careful what you choose if you have young children around. Families with older children can risk buying leather sofas and chairs if that’s what they prefer. Families with young children, on the other hand, might come out better buying microfiber. It all depends on the family.

If you have enough space, you should also consider adding a few club chairs for extra seating. This is where you can add some sophistication into your otherwise totally cozy room. Club chairs retain a great vintage look that will match the aged look of your sofa, but they’re also extremely modern, especially with a bright, colorful pillow. Consider chairs with tufted backs – bring a bit of glam into your room, you deserve it! Make sure you get something that has arms and is deep enough to really cozy up. Accent chairs are great because they provide extra seating and a bit of extra spice into your room – so don’t be afraid to go crazy with nail head trim and fun colors! If you stick to your guns and not relent, your rules will be obeyed and in the long run, you will save money not having to buy any replacement furniture.

If you sometimes get sick of your house and want to live elsewhere for a little bit, consider getting a cottage or vacation home. Instead of shucking your worldly belongings and heading off to the mountains, you might explore creating a prefab home in cottage town close to your home with some basic cottage decorating. You can try a prefabricated home which is much easier than building a cottage from scratch.

Now, if your future vacation house currently has a game area, a complete service bar, and a library with the finest books you can make excellent use of this area of your luxury vacation home. You could easily make this area of your home a drive in parking zone to use at your convenience. If you don’t want to spend the time to design your vacation home, you can check out prefab homes. Get it delivered right to your lot, prefab cottages and homes.

BlackBerry and the PlayBook Competition

It’s a dead end for Blackberry playbook, many users believe. Barely a month before the year ends, there are still no significant updates made available for the Playbook, which made several users think that it is indeed time to let go of the pioneer business tablet.

During the most awaiting release of the new Blackberry OS 10 phones, Z10 and Q10, remaining playbook users were also on the look out for possible updates to their playbook. Months after, the message was clear, there’s no update waiting for Blackberry’s tablet users.

However this decline of the Playbook does not come as a surprise, because even during the creation phase of Blackberry 10 OS, CEO Thorsten Heins was not particularly keen on mentioning the playbook. It is apparent that the company is highly focused on developing and reinventing their smartphones at least for the next few quarters of next year.playbookbbnotgood

Although the company has not yet officially discarded playbook, despite the stale sales of basically all their new units, the entry of new tablets from Google and Apple this year is also a compelling reason for the few current Playbook owners to start exploring other options starting next year.

Here are some of the new tablets to watch out for tabletcomparison
1) Dell Venue 8 Pro – Dell comes out with the smaller version of their Venue 11 Pro. The size may have decreased to eight inches but the features are still as powerful as the previous tablet, which is still ran on a quad-core processor and the latest Windows 8.1 OS.

2) iPad Mini with Retina Display – Even prior to its release this upgraded version of iPad mini has been creating a buzz worldwide. As a matter of fact,anticipation is higher for this tablet compared to the recently launched iPad Air.

3.) Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – One of the best tablets that Samsung has released so far, Note 8 proves to be one of the best gadget for productivity and convenience. The tablet has been enjoying positive reviews from its users so far.

4.) Nexus 7 – This tablet promises speed and reliability, as it is currently under with 1.5 Ghz quad-core processor. The tablet’s performance has even impressed 3D artist who have used the tablet in rendering their art work.

Looking for a specific tablet to replace your Playbook, now?

XBOX 360 Gaming Highlights From the Last Six Years

The Xbox 360 was first unveiled by Microsoft in 2005. Today it remains one of the world’s most popular consoles, having sold over 60 million units. The latest version features a 250GB hard drive and built in Wi-Fi and delivers all the best in gaming and entertainment.

When it was first released, critics claimed the Xbox would not be able to compete with more established consoles. However, the Xbox continues to attract a growing fan base and is now a major brand in its own right.

The biggest draw for Xbox 360 gamers is the huge selection of games. Some of the best-selling critically acclaimed titles include Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto 1V, BioShock and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. While they vary in gameplay and style, they all have fantastic storylines and eye catching graphics. They are designed to keep you playing again and again.

modern warfare xbox 360

If you have yet to discover these top selling games, there are plenty of opportunities to purchase them second hand and the internet or online auctions are a great place to start your search. Equally, games tend to retain their value and there are plenty of options should you want to sell Xbox 360 games.

Grand Theft Auto 1V

The award winning Grand Theft Auto 1V was released in 2008 to a flurry of positive reviews. In this instalment, you adopt the role of Eastern European immigrant, Niko Bellic and guide him through the streets of New York as he searches for that elusive American Dream. He soon slips into debt and must negotiate his way through a criminal underworld of conmen, thieves and gangsters.


Voted 2007 ‘Game of the Year’ is BioShock, a terrifying FPS horror where the player takes the role of an air crash survivor who lands in icy, uncharted waters. On discovering a desolate city beneath the sea, he must fight to survive in a world littered with corpses and genetically mutated citizens.

Halo 3

The third installation in the renowned Halo franchise was released in 2007 and is one of the world’s best-selling video games. Exclusive to the Xbox, Halo 3 is a sci-fi shooter where the player takes the role of Master Chief who must battle the Covenant to save Earth.

Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare

Critically acclaimed, this instalment in the Call of Duty series is widely said to be the best. Winner of numerous gaming awards, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare takes the player away from the familiar WW2 battlefields to tackle warfare in a modern setting. Featuring first-person shooter gameplay, the player must use the superior technology of the U.S Marines and British SAS against guerilla tactics of a terrorist group.

If these games aren’t to your taste, there are numerous other genres available. From racing and sports to music games which enable the player to compose their own masterpieces. Younger players are also catered for with a range of children’s titles.

There are almost 1000 games available for the Xbox 360 and new and experienced gamers alike will find a game to suit.

Tom Adams is a gamer and blogger. He often decides to sell Xbox 360 games as a way of getting some money back to purchase new titles.

Will Nexus 7 Be Embraced by the French Market?

In August last year, Google started shipping Nexus 7 to France and other European countries. Before it entertained the idea of expanding to the European market, Nexus 7 was well received by critics. CNET, the top website for tech product reviews, updates, podcasts, and software downloads, even gave it four out of five stars saying it has a “”beautiful screen, fast performance, a comfortable design, and overall great media options.”

nexus 7 tablet


In the US, UK, and Canada, Nexus 7 sold well that it was even tagged as one of iPad’s fiercest competitors. The gadget really has something that will back its quest for international domination. Now, will it excel in all the European countries that it initially chose for expansion? Which country will greatly welcome Nexus 7?

France is one of the largest markets for smartphones and tablets. Two years ago, the country which is home to the Eiffel Tower was named as Europe’s top mobile computer usage. Will Nexus 7 be added to the French consumers’ wish list in the coming years? Most of the French use gadgets such as tablets or smartphones for communication.

Life in France is fast-paced and gadgets like those are necessities. Nexus 7 boasts an Android operating system and built-in Wi-Fi and near field communication (NFC) connectivity, which means internet access is made more available. This advancement will surely help facilitate a busy life.

Another thing that the French enjoy from mobile devices is online games. France is one of the largest online gaming industries in the world and among those that they like is poker. Online gaming sites such as PartyPoker Francais get a huge number of traffic because of their real money games. Players also get the chance to qualify for the World Poker Tour through the website’s tournaments. Partypoker has games that are as exciting and as fun as the ones that are played in casinos. French players come back to this website not just for fun but also to boost their poker skills since the website is visited by highly skilled players from all over the world. Websites such as these are playable on smartphones or tablets. However, you will need a fast and reliable internet to fully enjoy their perks. In online poker games, you can’t rely on awful internet connections because it might ruin your stay on the table.

Nexus 7 is especially made to improve internet woes. The French market could really benefit from the Google product since it offers “pure Android” experience. Through this gadget, they can now enjoy games from Ubisoft, Bwin, and Zynga on iOS, Java, and Android. If internet connection is what’s slowing down your life, Nexus 7 is the product to grab.

Samsung vs HTC – Which Has the More Classic Phones?

Samsung’s rise to prominence in the smartphone market has been rather spectacular, because only a few years ago it was companies like Nokia and BlackBerry which ruled the roost.

The emergence of the Android operating system gave Samsung the boost it needed to start selling a seriously impressive number of smartphones, although other companies also benefitted from this boom.

samsung vs htc

HTC has kept pace with Samsung in terms of mobile technology, if not sales figures, for the past few years. But which of these two companies has cumulatively produced the better range of smartphones?

Big Hitters

Anyone who has being paying attention to the mobile market since 2010 will realise that Samsung and HTC have differed in one major way at the top end of the market and that is design.

While Samsung has been keen to keep producing plastic-clad handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S and its various sequels, HTC has forged its own path with devices like the Sensation and One X which use plenty of metal and other premium materials.

This means that although Samsung has made its phones thinner and lighter, HTC has chosen to court the crowd that is more conscious of build quality. Today this contrast is clearly illustrated by the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, although in the past it saw the Galaxy S go up against the HTC Desire.

Looking back a little further, it becomes clear that HTC has always been keen to experiment with outlandish designs. Handsets like the Diamond were quirky and cool, if not exactly endowed with looks that would make them a mainstream hit.


Things get a little more complicated when looking at the cheaper phones from these manufacturers, because there is obviously a need to compromise when price is a factor.

For a time the HTC Wildfire range was a popular mid-range phone, as was the Samsung Galaxy Ace. But if you were thinking of selling your Samsung Galaxy Ace handset to replace it with a more modern alternative, each company would have something to offer.

The Galaxy Ace 2 is a worthy replacement, while the two year old Galaxy S2 is becoming a very impressive mid-range proposition. From HTC the choice comes down the devices like the Windows Phone 8S or the Android-based One S.

Ancient History

Part of the problem when looking at the back catalogues of these two manufacturers is that Samsung has had more experience in the mainstream part of the mobile industry, since HTC began by producing handsets for professionals running the Windows Mobile operating system.

It is also worth remembering that although the two companies produce quite different devices, whichever one you choose will endow you with a well-made handset that has been built by an experienced team. This means that the real winner is the consumer.

James Lindsey writes about mobile phones, computer technology and the cloud for websites, magazines and newspapers. He thinks that when selling your Samsung Galaxy Ace handset you should consider an HTC phone for your next upgrade.

5 Tips to help build a smart website to boost your small business

Modern day business is all about visibility and irrespective of the size of your business it s imperative that you reach out to the consumers in every way possible to give yourselves the best possibility of growth.

Online sales and e-commerce has become one of the most important tools in this regard and it is especially important for small business as a professional and aesthetically pleasing website lends legitimacy to your business and creates a sense of confidence among potential consumers.

web design

Here are 5 simple tips about the essentials of a smart website that will aide your existing or budding small business venture-

  • The first thing that you need to worry about is the site that will host your website and the web address that you will use. Most often your web address can be the name of your company, but it is best to keep it simple and short. Register for a domain name of your choice from a trusted web hosting fir to get started.
  • Check for the support that is offered by your website hosting company. If designing a site is not your thing, then it is best to get help from either an expert that you know or from professionals who will offer you top notch services that ensure that you have a beautiful site to work with.
  • The next step is to fill the website with the desired information. While this seems like an easy enough task, it is in fact, the most tricky and important aspect. Make your website as user-friendly as possible with information that is easy to locate. The shopping pages must be especially simple to find, breezy to navigate and full with only relevant information. If a new user has to navigate through a maze of pages, it will only drive him away.
  • Use a competent and hassle-free shopping cart software that is both current and convenient. This will enhance your online sales and will encourage users to come back to your site in the future as well.
  •  With all the above in place, it is time to spread the word about your newly created website. Online PR is currently big business and if you do not wish t hire any professionals for it, then start with Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites and work your way to potential search engine results.

6 benefits offered by load testing for your business

Testing has become an integral and essential part of the software industry and with growing online businesses and various firms relying on custom-built software to run their processes, the testing market is on the way up. Load testing tools constitute a very important and often critical aspect of the entire testing spectrum.

They give both developers and clients an accurate sense of how well the software system functions when put under stress and demands that it would encounter in the real world on a constant basis.

Load testing offers a wide variety of benefits for everyone involved in the process and with various free and paid testing tools now in the market, they are a must for every software development program.

  • Load testing reduces the risk of downtime when the system actually goes online and is available for use, since it most likely would have tested the software’s performance under the most strenuous test cases possible.
  • It helps in optimizing hardware and software costs by giving accurate capacity metrics for the system and predicting the breaking point for it well in advance. This enables clients of the software to be prepared for such scenarios and avoid a complete breakdown.
  • It provides concrete and well demarcated statistics for your programmers and developers and tells them the exact capability of the system they have created and what they need to do in order to improve efficiency and system capabilities.
  • Load testing offers a detailed view of various practical performance hindrances of the software or app developed and how it behaves in various situations with diverse necessities.
  • It allows you to fine-tune the software capability and offers a chance to fix the performance bugs, well before deployment. This saves both costs and time alike.
  • The most significant advantage of load testing is customer satisfaction as it showcases how well the system functions under trying circumstances and offers reassurance to clients about its superlative capabilities.