EA’s Origin Announces a Back to School Promo


In this day and age, a business needs to come up with clever and appealing tactics to garner more sales. Origin, a company powered by EA Games, announced a back to school promo for their patrons as early as July. Yes, that’s how excited they are to announce their new gimmick! So what’s the promo all about?

Well, Origin patrons can take advantage of  a 50% discount for games like Battlefield 3 ,  Mass Effect 3 , FIFA 12 , The Secret World, The Sims 3, and The Witcher 2 . However, they would need to make the purchase sometime between August 31 to  September 5.

If your favorite game was not mentioned above, don’t fret as Origin promises that almost every EA game title will be included in the promo. Additionally, they also boast that games from other developers will also be eligible to the 50% discount. The best part? You don’t even have to be a student that’s indeed going back to school to be able to enjoy enormous savings! All you need to do is visit the Origin website!

Want to know more? Click here  for more information about Origin’s back to school promo and to take advantage of this limited offer! Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass, it’s not everyday that you’ll be able to score top EA game titles at half the price!



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