BlackBerry and the PlayBook Competition

It’s a dead end for Blackberry playbook, many users believe. Barely a month before the year ends, there are still no significant updates made available for the Playbook, which made several users think that it is indeed time to let go of the pioneer business tablet.

During the most awaiting release of the new Blackberry OS 10 phones, Z10 and Q10, remaining playbook users were also on the look out for possible updates to their playbook. Months after, the message was clear, there’s no update waiting for Blackberry’s tablet users.

However this decline of the Playbook does not come as a surprise, because even during the creation phase of Blackberry 10 OS, CEO Thorsten Heins was not particularly keen on mentioning the playbook. It is apparent that the company is highly focused on developing and reinventing their smartphones at least for the next few quarters of next year.playbookbbnotgood

Although the company has not yet officially discarded playbook, despite the stale sales of basically all their new units, the entry of new tablets from Google and Apple this year is also a compelling reason for the few current Playbook owners to start exploring other options starting next year.

Here are some of the new tablets to watch out for tabletcomparison
1) Dell Venue 8 Pro – Dell comes out with the smaller version of their Venue 11 Pro. The size may have decreased to eight inches but the features are still as powerful as the previous tablet, which is still ran on a quad-core processor and the latest Windows 8.1 OS.

2) iPad Mini with Retina Display – Even prior to its release this upgraded version of iPad mini has been creating a buzz worldwide. As a matter of fact,anticipation is higher for this tablet compared to the recently launched iPad Air.

3.) Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – One of the best tablets that Samsung has released so far, Note 8 proves to be one of the best gadget for productivity and convenience. The tablet has been enjoying positive reviews from its users so far.

4.) Nexus 7 – This tablet promises speed and reliability, as it is currently under with 1.5 Ghz quad-core processor. The tablet’s performance has even impressed 3D artist who have used the tablet in rendering their art work.

Looking for a specific tablet to replace your Playbook, now?

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