Outsourcing and HP: a positive breakthrough maybe?

Project management is highlighted by the project charter which is keenly elaborated by the scope, objectives and the participants in a preliminary project (Wikipedia). In terms of benefits to be experienced by HP in the above mentioned case, a project charted would have been entertained as a useful and a note-worthy process in leadership and management skills. As highlighted by the case, HP suffered problems at the community level which caused it bypass its total investment leading to a total loss, if not beneficiary.


With the help of a project charter, HP would have been quite amenable and could have been quite proficient in issuing the objectives and constraints of the community. Nevertheless, the project charter would have also been able to highlight the major controversies involved in budgeting in terms of the spending authority. Also, the total investment would be in its place and then only, the user community would be considered whose needs and requirements could only highlight the main issues regarding the loss and avail of the product’s expenses.

The main virtues of outsourcing is to keep a check and balance on the company’s legal cost of which HP failed to do so which has been highlighted by the entire case in quite a gripping language. Outsourcing may seem to have potential negative vibes on the market and the company, of course, but here, outsourcing may seem the only legal effort to be picked by HP. In order to outsource successfully, HP requires a much higher management system which will exhibit remarkable quality (James Brian Quinn, PhD).

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However, the major cons to outsourcing would revolve around the product or service quality, the transition phase and the suppliers’ financial viability. In all aspects, the steps associated with outsourcing are a major risk as mentioned above but on-time delivery performance and satisfaction levels may either decline if none of the above are matched.