Dental Evacuation Systems


You probably don’t think much about saliva unless you find yourself drooling into the pillow at night. But it’s a very important part of normal oral functioning. You could not properly digest food without saliva and it also helps to keep your teeth strong. Fortunately, we all unconsciously swallow any extra spit, thus avoiding embarrassment in public.

However, saliva can also be a pain, particularly at the dentist. When you’re in the chair with your mouth open and a procedure is underway, you can’t swallow the normal accumulation of saliva. Worse, the fact that someone has instruments or their fingers in there can cause you to salivate even more.

So you don’t drool all over yourself, dentists have a device they use called an evacuation system. That tube they put in your mouth is a key part. Suction is generated that allows the tube to suck up the excess saliva. This fluid is then drained off. As you can imagine with all of the patients seen over the course of a typical day, cleaning the evacuation system should become a daily task for workers in every practice.

However, this is not done with just soap and water. A special cleansing formula like BioPure organic evacuation cleaner is necessary to get the job done and preserve the sterile conditions required by modern dentistry. To ensure worker safety, the regular goggles, gloves, and gown are worn while cleaning the machine. When the procedure is done, any loose debris accumulated over the day is now gone and water flows freely through the tube. The disposable cleaning tool is then discarded into the practice’s biohazard disposal receptacle.





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Another First for Drone Technology


Remember the days of model airplanes? Those unmanned marvels are seeming even more quaint than ever in the wake of news that a drone was instrumental in rescuing two men off an Australian beach.

Originally developed for military applications, drones have really caught on with both industry and the public. These lightweight, highly maneuverable devices have also revolutionized aerial photography. Areas of the world previously unavailable to photographers are now being documented with gorgeous high definition still and video images. Sweeping aerial shots in movies, previously only possible using helicopters, are now routinely performed with drones for only a small fraction of the cost and no risk to human life.

The idea of drones being used in rescue situations makes perfect sense given their ability to easily go to remote places. Previously, the thought was that the machines could locate people in trouble, who would then be saved by a rescue party. However, as the incident in Australia proved, these tiny devices also have the capacity to carry an inflatable floatation device. The drone dropped it near the swimmers, who successfully inflated the rescue pod and made it to shore on their own. While their peril may not have equaled someone lost at sea, the two men were being pulled away in a strong current, so time was of the essence. In all, the rescue mission took only 70 seconds. Ironically, the drone had just been unveiled and was about to be sent out on a test run.

The idea of machines performing rescues has previously been science fiction fodder, but this week’s rescue is a further demonstration of just how far this technology is progressing. While the tumultuous weather might prove to be a barrier, it is entirely feasible that drones could even help to save people caught in extreme cold situations by dropping supplies that keep them alive until help arrives.


The Brilliance Of Life In Waterloo Ontario

The twin cities of Kitchener and Waterloo are found in the region of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Also including the neighbouring city of Cambridge, this region has one of the more prosperous and most vibrant economies in Canada, with one of the highest level of living and lowest unemployment rates in the whole country.

In addition to the usual job opportunities that a similarly sized community would have to offer, Waterloo is known for the many options that employees based in the high tech sector have in the city. In fact, the presence of many suitable people in the area have led to several important companies locating or building their enterprises in the city. This was named Top Intelligent Community in 2007. You have to read this post; There are local pay day and cash advance loan websites setup to make the application process easy and quick. Check out to see how easy it is to get a payday loan online..

The Waterloo Region of Ontario has a rich history and unique cultural flavour. Before the area was populated by European settlers it was the fertile homeland of North American native tribes who lived along the Grand River for hundreds of years.

Waterloo Ontario, are you kidding?

Much of the Grand River Valley was subsequently given to Five Nations native tribes who had fought on the British side during the American Revolutionary War.

The original European settlers migrated from Pennsylvania in the early 1800s and purchased large areas of land from the natives. These lands became the basis of large productive farms, and finally the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge.

The majority of these early settlers were Mennonite families with a distinctive ‘old order’ way of life. The area around Elmira and St. Jacobs is still famous for its Mennonite heritage. Off the main highway it’s a common occurrence to see these folk drive by in their horse-drawn buggies.

In more recent years Waterloo Region has developed a much more diverse culture. These changes have been the outcome of the immigration from all parts of the globe. People are brought to the area by the prosperous economic work of the region and the existence of two highly respected Universities.

Historically local industry was anchored in automotive parts and tire manufacturing, furniture making, insurance, and meat processing.

As elsewhere in North America, the manufacturing sector has decreased in importance during the last twenty years, and has already been largely replaced by high tech and service industries. To a large degree this has been, owing to the influence of two universities in Waterloo– The University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. The University of Waterloo is one of North America’s most important schools for engineering, computer, and science science, while Wilfrid Laurier University boasts a highly regarded School of Business.

Kitchener was the 9th largest city in Ontario with a population of 190, 399 as of the 2001 census. It is the focus of the 4th largest urban area-Waterloo Region-with a combined population of 387, 319.

In the 2001 census, the City of Waterloo was the 25th largest city in Ontario with a population of 86, 543.

Kitchener-Waterloo has a very vigorous economy with strong manufacturing, service sectors, and agricultural, high tech. Waterloo Region has among the highest average standards of living in Canada.

The region also includes a dynamic real estate market with thousands of new homes in all price ranges being built in the last decade. Homes are priced much lower than similar homes in the Toronto area.

In the 2001 census, Cambridge was the eighteenth largest city in Ontario with a population of 110, 372. Population in 2006 is estimated at 122, 000-an increase of approximately 10% within the last 5 years.

Cambridge has a very bouyant economy with strong manufacturing, service, and insurance sectors. Its location on the main highway between Toronto and Detroit give it strategic importance as a communication and transportation centre.

Not surprisingly, Cambridge has a very active real estate market. It is centrally placed between Toronto, London, and Kitchener-Waterloo, so a large number of Cambridge residents work in and communte to those cities. And because homes are priced much lower than similar homes in the Toronto area, it attracts buyers from the entire Greater Toronto Area.