Obvious Things About Android

Whether it’s work or pleasure, smartphone can assist you with any of your demands. The marketplace has an endless array of smartphones and it’s absolutely difficult to choose the best one out of all of them. Too many devices make the choice difficult, don’t they.

Not just do various mobile devices, however the enhanced flow of different mobile OS does also make it difficult to choose the best of the smartphones. But the search for the very best of smartphones can be narrowed because there are only 2 significant gamers in the market: Android and iPhone.

Amongst these two, Android is more popular for running on even more than 70 % smartphone phone devices all over the world. It is a rich-featured OS by Google, the search engine giant. With a higher market share, Android has ended up being world’s most adopted mobile OS so far. Since of the increasing number of apps, the OS is also popular. It now has even more varied and interesting apps as compared to yours.

The even more efforts on Android system success should be attributed to Google, however the forces from Samsung, Motorola and HTC mobile phone producers are similarly important. In reality, without the support of these three mobile phone suppliers, Android can attain success today is unidentified. These companies not just debuted the Android smart phone products with outstanding performance, however, likewise help Google improve the popularity of the Android system.

Android – Seriously?

Openness – Google has offered its OS away free of charge. If you wish to utilize this OS, you can download its source code, personalize a few of its functions, and power your gadget. With such openness, it is easy for third-party developers to make an application. Even the process of app approval and moderation does not take too much time. Unlike, Apple’s App Store, apps on Android’s Google Play shop can be lived on the same day of the submission. Likewise, the investment in the platform for developing applications is rather low, as compared to the returns it provides.

Back in 2012, Google replaced the Android Market with the Play Store. Just as easy to use, if not much easier, the Play Store is a centralized repository of all the applications developed for Android. It has been modelled after the very popular Apple iPhone AppStore. 3rd party developers can submit their applications on the Play Store and afterwards anyone can download them. Most of the applications are totally free, but some have a cost.

Featured-rich platform – Because it’s an open-source platform, it has several abilities or can be added with several abilities and rich functions that are required in a particular workplace. With this platform, developers have high functionalities deliver the very best of the user experiences. Its flexibility makes it a chosen option among both users and developers.

Flexibility: Android is an open-source platform that provides developers the versatility to personalize user’s apps as per their demands.

Customized apps – There are operations for which apps need heavy customizations. It is easy for developers to work on this platform and produce a variety of apps that fit the demand of different industries such as business, e-commerce, banking, education and finance.

The simplicity of the platform – It is an easy platform to establish and work with. Developers take pleasure in building apps for a platform like Android. This has encouraged a number of Android developers which are offering best of Android development services.

With every passing day, Android is getting bigger. New Android powered devices are being launched in some gadget and the market producers are also using the OS to power laptop-like or convertible devices too.

Android – Some Major Factors

Many individuals hear about cheap android tablets or cell phones for sale that have an android operating system, however, they don’t totally realize exactly what does the android system do and how does it work. The most basic description right here is a contrast to the contemporary PC.

The concept of a live CD lets you check an operating system, in spite of having a totally functional installed OS on your COMPUTER. So individuals who are thinking about switching over to a brand-new OS, can inspect it out, prior to they choose to completely move over to it.

If you feel like testing the Android OS, prior to purchasing an Android phone, getting a live CD or live USB version and running it, is the very best method to test it. Making this live CD or live USB variation readily available was one way of enhancing the reliability of the operating system among the masses. That’s exactly what the folks at Android-x86 have actually done for you. If you like the live CD version, you may install it on your netbook, laptop computer or computer system as a stand alone or a different operating system. Let us see how you could tackle it.

Broadening The Android Circle

How and where can you get Android to COMPUTER setup? Like all developers of the Linux open source neighborhood, the Android group has actually made the live CD variation, along with the live USB version readily available on its official website. Go to the Android-x86. org web page or other mirror websites to download the setup files. Numerous photos of develops based on the prospering Android versions (Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich) are readily available. Some constructs are exclusively developed for specific brands of notebook and notebook computer like Asus, Lenovo and Dell. Each ISO file can be utilized to produce a live CD, which also offers the option of hard drive installation.

Anybody that has utilized a computer system or a laptop knows that in order to access it, you require an operating system, like Microsoft. It’s basically the system that connects the demands of the user with the parts of the gadget. Throughout this OS, the user can access any type of information that he wants and even more notably, he can make use of the gadget at the greatest performance possible.

Are You Serious?

The very same chooses the cheap android tablets. Their use works like Microsoft works for the PC and by having an as much as date OS, your gadget can work at full capacity. Another wonderful thing about the cheap android tablets is the truth that the system is an open source one, unlike others that are discovered on the market. The idea of an open source system is excellent for the entire neighborhood as developers can develop and develop apps without needing to be or purchase specific licenses restricted by various resources.

The very same chooses the cell phones for sale that have an android OS. Basically, the majority of the apps that have actually developed for these devices are made by developers that do not work for the producer that has actually developed the phones. That’s the charm of an international community of developers: they can create something that has an effective influence on the entire world, since a growing number of individuals are purchasing cell phones for sale that have an android operating system. Offered the reality that it’s a user friendly system, it can definitely be adapted to any of the user’s requirements.

One last detail that someone should know about the android systems that can be found on numerous cellular phone for sale is connected to the idea of personalizing anything on your device. This is really extraordinary because you can develop any sort of menu, you can arrange your apps in lots of menus and you can even erase the apps that the phones have if you don’t need them. There are numerous operating systems that don’t permit such large changes in the core of the phone, but that is the idea of an open source system: to enable the user to create his own experience. The very same opts for cheaper android tablets: they can be modified and changed in the means the user desires in order to have a tailored gadget. It’s clearly among the best things to have around.


Blackberry Pearl Smartphone. Possibly you got a Blackberry smartphone alike I did. I was delighted. But, it has taken rather some time to determine the whole thing. I’m still not a professional, but I have actually figured out the entire Blackberry App, or Application thing. That’s the main point I do on my Blackberry: download applications and eliminate them! I have had 3 or four applications for Twitter, some two times.

In keeping with the trend, the majority of the Blackberry designers deliver high-end Blackberry options. And users can easily get the full energy of up-to-date Blackberry Applications. For qualified scalable Custom Application options on Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve and any other Blackberry gadgets, one ought to choose a company who can offer you end-to-end development of Blackberry Application.

Rapidsoft Technologies can be the very best choice for anyone. They provide the Blackberry Development service to their customers with the use of top-rung innovation. Apart from Blackberry Application Development, They are the best source for providing software application development services with utilizing the special measurement to the applications’ interactivity. Being a leading software solution supplier, they can help you turn your Blackberry Application development concept to a successful live item in a cost reliable and reliable way.

The top place for apps I wish to show you is the Blackberry App World. I will consist of the link at the end of the article. You can download this free app ‘brochure’ that reveals your apps, both free and for purchase.

Where Can We Go From Here?

After downloaded, when you click the App World icon on your Blackberry, Smartphone, you will certainly discover yourself on the featured apps area. You can scroll side to side to see the 25 featured or spotlighted Blackberry Applications for that day.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can click on the first provided alternative, the categories. This brings up various categories of Applications for your Blackberry that are both free and offered for purchase. There are lots of categories with many Blackberry Apps listed.

The next option is the leading 25 free apps. Then the one next to it is the Top 25 bought Blackberry applications. Beside it is the Search function. The last one on the right is the My Apps. This keeps an eye on the Blackberry apps you download and even the ones you remove.

The Blackberry has the capability to download countless apps. The Miami Blackberry developers also made it possible with cutting-edge software application to create your own apps on the Blackberry.

After you click on an application you are interested in for your Blackberry, Smartphone, you will see an overview of the application. You can also click a screenshot to see exactly what the interface looks like, or assesses to read what others have actually experienced. The 5 star score system is pretty accurate from exactly what I have seen so far.

You click download if you would like to try an application. You can quickly get it if it is a free application. You will certainly need to pay for the others. The free ones are clearly marked, and some of the bad ones have free trials.

As you go to download, your phone might inform you that you don’t have quite a memory. This has actually happened to me a few times, and I simply erased photos and cleared the cache. Follow the link I included if you don’t understand to free up memory on your blackberry.

Yours BlackBerry is essentially a mini computer. It runs programs, shop’s data, plays noise and video, and much more. Similar to any computer, it needs to be restarted every one in a while. What occurs is little issues called memory leakages can make your phone ultimately reach the point that it cannot deal with any even more information and it locks up. By rebooting the phone, much like with a computer system, it flushes out the memory and assists to prevent overload.

After downloading, then you close app world, and open the application icon on your Blackberry. The application will certainly turn up, and you can follow the triggers.

You can also get applications to purchase through your Alltel account with the Axcess Shop, probably currently downloaded on an Alltel phone.

If you go to the Crackberry website, (link included at the end) you can likewise find out about the current applications offered. This is a website dedicated to individuals who are addicted to their Blackberry. I have found more info here about everything than anywhere else.

Android Exposed

In spite of the lots of benefits of Android development, like complimentary tools and simple sharing, there are a variety of hidden dangers related to the platform. Android offers some advantages. You can write applications that are easily released and dispersed independently for one. While many designers are relying on Android because it offers amazing new approaches of establishing applications, some are realizing there are particular restrictions to the platform. Here are the 10 most typical issues that designers may deal with and how they impact the development cycle.

Usually speaking, the Android platform has been established exceptionally quickly, which has led to the requirement for frequent updates. Developers could be found that as they develop apps they become incompatible in particular locations as new updates are released. The most comprehensive Android apps are those that incorporate with 3rd party APIs and Google services, however these apps are also more likely to come across troubles connected with updates. Supporting existing applications also becomes more difficult as updates change the nature of the video game as a good number of them are not in reverse compatible.

Devices modification and handset fragmentation have been a longstanding issue with all mobile platforms and Android is not exempt from this concern. Apple and iPhone have a limited variety of devices and the platform for development has actually been even more constant, but because Android apps are expected to be compatible across a broader range of applications. Furthermore, the number of devices supporting Android apps is likely to skyrocket in the next year approximately and designers will need to be more mindful about establishing applications that will work effectively on a larger range of devices.

More Info On The Topic Of Android

It should not come as too much of a surprise to learn that many web developers have actually restricted business acumen. To effectively market an Android app you need to have a sound business strategy. Your app must be priced properly and it needs to be available in a proper market. Who is your target audience? What function or service is being offered by your app? Where are you going to sell it? These are all valid concerns that left unanswered can be a major pitfall of Android development (although perhaps for iPhone or Flex development too).

Unlike success stories about iPhone apps, Android developers are really hardly ever spotlighted. We commonly hear of stories of 14 year old kids establishing fart applications for iPhones and making millions, however similar stories do not seem to be emerging about Android development. This isn’t just hindering developers, however, consumers too. The mobile development, neighborhood would benefit substantially from some examples of Android success because without them it is difficult to construct customer and designer confidence in the platform. As an outcome, less designers trust Android and less consumers are getting these apps. As you can see, a vicious circle arises wherein the apps aren’t being established or sold.

The end user offers really little information about the quality or success of applications when it comes to Android apps. While the App Store allows for more than easy score and ranking systems, Android customers may be frustrated when attempting to choose which apps are best. There are entire magazines devoted to iPhone development, but there is little in the market for consumers to end up being more educated about Android and the kinds of applications being launched.

The most common place where one can set up Android apps is the Android Market. It is a kind of central vault where you can discover all the Android applications established. The Android Market is rather much like the iPhone AppStore. Any Android designer can establish apps and can publish it into the Android Market and subsequently any user can download them. As in iPhone AppStore, you can find free and paid apps.

Numerous developers and consumers alike believe that Android is a Google platform. Certainly the relationship between Google and Android has actually been a critical aspect of the development of the platform, but the reality is that the Open Handset Alliance lags the Android platform (in partnership with Google). The problem is that the inspirations, values, and business strategy in the Open Handset Alliance is not constant implied that the management of the Android platform might experience future problems.

There is no warranty that Google will certainly continue to be involved with Android in the future. While Google has actually been the leader in getting Android to the designers and consumers, there is some doubt about future participation. Google is currently establishing the Chrome OS, which suggests that Android and Google may well part means in the near future. Where does this leave designers? The answers are unclear.

A growing number of operators and manufacturers are embracing Android as their platform, however, there isn’t a mutual relationship between them and designers. iPhone developers have a lot more say in the future of iPhone development since there is a one-to-one relationship, however, as there is a large range of operators and manufacturers supporting the Android platform it is more difficult for developers to affect the evolution of Android.

Finally, the Android platform is as of yet a really young and unproven platform. The innovation is new and updates have the tendency to be significant. Developers are continuously having to adjust their knowledge because the technology is not set.

Android Advice

The cell phone is the most recent craze in technology. As soon as every year or so, a new technology comes out that everybody should have. It has been iPods and laptop computers in the past. Now, everybody has to have a smart phone. Prior to getting a smart phone, nevertheless, there are a few things you must think about. First, understand there are numerous different OS available for cell phones. These running systems come pre-installed in the smart phone, and are rather difficult to change, so pick wisely. A few of the most popular are: Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, and iPhone.

This article will cover the Android OS, by Google, and why it is much better than the other available selections for running systems on your smart phone or mobile device.

Let’s widen this android topic

Why Android? Android is the most recent technology when it comes to mobile use, and is the best out there at the moment. Completely supported by Google, there are hundreds of new FREE applications produced for the Android operating system every day. Google is one of the most significant corporations on the planet – To have your phone backed by them is remarkable. I am going to give you 5 additional reasons the Android system is barely even in competitors with its weak operating system counterparts.

Magnifying Android

It has actually been stated that Android offers the fastest, most receptive browsers of the different mobile OS available. Of course, some of this will be a dependence of your provider. Currently, just the Android system has access to the fastest mobile Internet available – 4G. Sprint is the main service provider of this service, with CLEAR 4G Internet Access and the Epic 4G/Evo, there is no faster way to browse the internet on an Android phone.

There are actually millions of applications available for the Android OS. Naturally, there are apps for the other phones too, but not nearly as numerous, and not by almost as numerous designers. The majority of the applications for the iPhone were designed by the creators of the operating system instead of user-submitted programs. There are lots of complimentary applications for the Android system, and naturally lots of are launched directly from Google, and these are a few of the very best applications for mobile gadgets out there.

There are many other versions of the software application and problems with getting the hardware for users of Windows Mobile, iPhone, etc. Android is very compatible and people should be experiencing less problems in this area than users of the other operating systems. Obviously, all of the devices and their operating systems are rather new and will need time to totally develop.

The similarity goes for the cell phone for sale that have an android operating system. Basically, the majority of the apps that have actually established for these gadgets are made by designers that don’t work for the producer that has actually developed the phones. That’s the charm of a worldwide neighborhood of designers: they can produce something that has an effective effect on the whole world, due to the fact that an increasing number of people are buying cell phones for sale that have an android operating system. Provided the fact that it’s a user friendly system, it can certainly be adapted to any of the user’s needs.

One last detail that any individual ought to know about the android systems that can be found on various cellular phone for sale is connected to the concept of customizing anything on your gadget. This is truly extraordinary because you can create any kind of menu, you can organize your apps in many ways and you can even delete the apps that the phones have if you do not need them. There are many operating systems that don’t enable such large changes in the core of the phone, however that is the idea of an open source system: to permit the user to create his own experience. The similarity goes for the cheap android tablets: they can be modified and altered in the way the user wants in order to have a personalized gadget. It’s plainly among the greatest things to have around.

The Android system is a terrific way to be introduced to cellular phones, given that it is among the simplest to use. There are lots of different options, all of which are graphic and laid out perfectly. There is no simpler way to set up a phone, and anyone can manage to do it. While this is a terrific way to obtain yourself into smart phones, many users never ever choose anything different from the Android OS once they end up being acquainted with it.

You will find the Android platform on HTC phones, Samsung smart phones, Motorola phones and numerous other phones. It is just a matter of time prior to Nokia cellular phone start running Android also. Android allows the phone makers to include their own design to the OS (making it a completely open sourced platform), so you will discover that no 2 Android phones are the very same. HTC has added their special sense UI to their phones, whereas Samsung have added the Touchwiz 3.0 UI.

While there are many other factors about why Android vanquish other running systems, this short article is tailored towards those who have not utilized the Android system, and it is not essential to discuss the technological differences and advances that the Android has made over the other operating systems.

Down The Iphone Rabbit Hole

So Steve Jobs revealed that the ever-so-longed-for iPhone will be released in June. In concept, the iPhone is the ultimate in incorporating two gadgets: the iPod and the cellular phone. The magnificent iPhone is thoroughly unwise.

Jobs is actually asserting his belief that the iPhone is ‘5 years ahead of any other phone.’ I presume he is describing the iPhone’s capability for images, Google maps, iTunes, Podcasts, and more. The phone might be able to do a lot, even more than other phones, however Jobs appears to be missing the functionality that everybody was searching for in an iPod that could be used as a phone.

For starters, the price is outrageous. The iPhone will be in between $500 and $600! Thinking about the truth that a sufficient video iPod is about half that price, it is tough to imagine lots of people will be willing to pay that much for the iPhone, particularly since most people get a suitable cell phone at a discounted price (or cost-free) with their wireless provider.

On the subject of wireless carriers, the only network that the iPhone will be compatible with is Cingular. If you are a Cingular user, and take place to have $500 to spend on a brand-new phone, then I expect this might work fantastic for you. For the rest of the world who has T-Mobile or Verizon, or other provider, at this point, the iPhone would do them no excellent. One might always switch to Cingular, except numerous cell phone users are under an agreement with their current provider. I picture numerous Verizon consumers are a bit disappointed in the truth that they recently signed a 2-year contract to get the popular ‘Chocolate’ phone for $100.

Continuing The Conversation

That brings up another interesting conversation. Why is the iPhone such an exciting new development if business like Verizon are already providing phones like the Chocolate, which doubles as an MP3 gamer? Well, the answer to that is simple… iTunes.

At this point, iTunes dominates about 75 % of the online music company. Downloads from iTunes, nonetheless, are not typical MP3 files. They are developed in such a way that they can just be used iPods or burned onto a CD. (There is most likely a way around this, but I, for one, have not discovered it, which removes the ‘user friendly’ element of Apple). Because iTunes currently has the best choice of music downloads, this produces the sense of should have an iPod above any other MP3 gamer. This is a fantastic marketing method for Apple, although it does make things tougher on the iTunes buyers.

Before the Apple iPod came out, mp3 gamers were not all that popular at all. The very first Apple iPod was ugly-looking and cumbersome, however it still brought high-quality, portable music to the masses. Once it was structured, the Apple iPod truly apprehended on even more. The Apple iPod Nano and Shuffle both brought Apple’s flagship product to even more customers. The Apple iPod is certainly one of the most prominent pieces of customer technology to come out in several years. The Apple iPod line essentially launched a whole new way that people pay attention to music. You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing an iPod on someone.

Mentioning phones, it appears that the iPhone’s cell phone features would not interest most mobile phone users. For the many part, cellular phone users nowadays tend to like a flip phone, like the razor. The iPhone is not a flip phone. It also includes something that is supposed to be user friendly, however, could in fact be looked down on: the touch screen.

Decisions About Blackberry

So, you may be wondering what the case is with all the hoopla surrounding President Barack Obama’s Blackberry device. Among the thousands of news articles surrounding the now sworn into office President, there also has been a lot of discussion surrounding his use of technology, as well as a pair of controversies that are obliged to it.

To say that President Obama is addicted to his BlackBerry is an understatement. Throughout the campaign, his trusty BlackBerry was always hooked to his belt, his only relationship to the outside world as the security bubble engulfing him became tighter and tighter. But there was also talk during the campaign that, if elected president, Obama would have to give up his BlackBerry addiction. The President of the United States doesn’t send e-mail messages because it is a security risk. What’s more, the Presidential Records Act puts a president’s correspondence in the public record-and eventually eligible for public view, as well as the possibility of subpoenas.

Facts, Tips and Tricks!

Whether or not you agree with Obama’s policies or any other political issues in relation to him taking office, you might like to know how he’ll be influenced by today’s security standards. Obama is constantly using his Blackberry as it offers features that many people use including businesspeople and others who like to receive e-mail and information on a constant basis.

Please read the whole thing…

There are many uses for Blackberry device. Obama says that he would use his Blackberry and technology to remain attached to the people. Obama is a very big advocate of staying connected to the American public and the issues that matter to them the most. The Blackberry is like a mini messenger that he can use to instantly stay related to the issues that are important to everyone even at that very moment.

How Could You Know…

Organizations have the necessary flexibility to enable BlackBerry service for non-BlackBerry devices with BlackBerry Connect. This article reviews the benefits of using BlackBerry Connect, the supported platforms and devices, and alternative ways to accomodate non-BlackBerry users in the enterprise. A brief discussion of how to get started is likewise included.

BlackBerry Connect software has been written for devices running the Palm Operating System, the Windows Mobile Operating System, and the Symbian Operating System. Devices with BlackBerry Connect software can be bought from many device manufacturers, such as Nokia, HTC, Motorola and Palm.

Now that President Obama has been elected to office, he’ll have a lot of information and technology available to him, with a view to make his decisions and to execute his policies. He would be able to recover a lot of information and to be in a position to execute these policies on the basis of information gathered from his Blackberry device. Of course, he would not solely be based on the device, but it’s going to be a great help in the area of communication and organization.

You also may like to know that the US Secret Service has had issues with this as a result of the inevitable security concerns that come with using a device such as the Blackberry. President Obama will evidently be in a powerful position with access to a lot of sensitive information that will greatly affect both the US and the world. President Obama will also be necessary to have all the communication he performs recorded and he’ll have to use certified, approved devices that pass very strict security tests.

As a computer security advocate knows there’s always a risk of a potential break in with technologies such as this. A lot of precautions will be set in place in order to make sure that data he uses on his Blackberry isn’t compromised. Many people thought the president would give up his Blackberry when he got elected. Obama has said in an interviews, however, that he would in fact be using his Blackberry in the White House. He also says he is mindful of the security involves and the potential risk to having that sort of information on the device.

It will be useful to know how he handles the employment of his Blackberry in the future. It could both be positive to his term in office as well as create the potential for security risk.

Iphone Secrets?

Apple iPhone 5 or Apple iPhone 4S-If you want to find out whether Apple will go directly to the iPhone 5 or if they’ll do what they done with the iPhone 3 and add an iPhone 4S to the family, then you have been brought to the right place. Recently Apple announced the publication of the Apple iPhone 4S and this means the Apple iPhone 5 is probably about 6 to 8 months away.

Now the question has come up with respect to whether you should invest in the iPhone 4S or if you’re gonna wait for the iPhone 5. This is a difficult decision and you need to look at what it is you’re after and what you presently have. Many that have the iPhone 4 will be able to download the updates and will nearly have everything the iPhone 4S can provide. However, this isn’t true if you do not have an iPhone 4.

However, the iPhone 4S will most probably have the iOS 5 and a better antenna. These are upgrades you cannot get without getting the iPhone 4S from Apple. So, what should you do if you currently do not have any type of iPhone? If you do not have an iPhone it may be beneficial to wait still a few months for the iPhone 5.

In the same vein.

If you have been keeping up, then you know Apple tested out the iPhone 4 with Verizon to see if it made a difference to allow another cell phone company to carry their product. The test went extremely well and Apple was able to take over a large part of the market. However, the Android phones currently offered by Sprint have new technologies that are far more advanced than the current iPhone 4.

What About….

The Apple iPhone 4S is supposed to vie with these Android phones and it will most likely not be released to Sprint. Rumors do state that Sprint is next in line and will get the Apple iPhone 5. However, this can only be true. Sprint may decide not to bring the phone if companies like Samsung continue to release Android phones with better technology.

This could cause a problem for both Apple and Sprint. For sprint the problem can be resolved simply by carrying new Android phones that go beyond the technology of the new iPhone 4S, but will these phones go above and beyond what the iPhone 5 will give you? This remains the subject and chances are they Android will be caught in place by the time the Apple iPhone 5 is released.

The one thing that may happen is Sprint may be able to offer both types of phones just like Verizon. This will allow Sprint to cater to a much wider range of customers. If you’re currently with Sprint this may give you more options, but if you’re really not interested in the Apple iPhone 5, then you may not even care.

AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are currently all carrying the iPhone 4s. If you check out their online websites or stores, they’ll often have refurbished iPhones for sale.

However, if you like the service Sprint provides, but you also love the iPhone you may no longer have to be torn between the two. Many were thrilled to leave AT&T or stay with Verizon and still get the iPhone 4. Chances are it’ll be the case if Apple does team up with Sprint and offer the iPhone 5 to this company.

It is finally your decision. However, you’ll have to make it soon because the iPhone 4S has been scheduled for release very soon. You may be disappointed if you receive this phone and the iPhone 5 was a better choice. However, if you’re not looking for an upgrade just yet you can forget about the iPhone 4S and wait for the iPhone 5.

They Cared More About the Technicalities and Traded Away the Looks!!

images (1)

BlackBerry Z30 is the wide screen phone BlackBerry has ever produced. It’s a larger-screen alternative to the BlackBerry Z10. Its 5-inch screen competes with the most famous Android phones of the year. But there is no doubt that this is a quality phone in most respects.

Well, BlackBerry Z30 may not be the most splendid-looking phone in the world, but believe me; they cared much more about the technicalities and easily traded away the looks.

BlackBerry Z30 is strong and reliable. It is made of a ‘glass weave’ plastic which is twice as strong as normal plastic, in the words of BlackBerry. It is common these days for phones to try to look and feel as thin and light as possible, but BlackBerry Z30 is not particularly thin or light. It’s 9.4mm thick and at 170g it’s much heavier than most rivals of this size. Galaxy S4 is 130 g and HTC One is 143 g. the benefit Z30 enjoys is that even if to slip or drop it, all parts of the phone will remain intact. This is a very vital experiment to judge its strength. It has a few extra hardware features that nerds will love, too. On its left edge next to the usual micro USB port is a micro HDMI video output, and under the plastic cover is a micro SD memory card slot. It has a multi-color LED indicator that flashes red, green or blue depending on the type of notification it’s telling you about. Simply awesome!

The wonders of iPhone

iPhones, well they may not be the best-selling device of the time. Apple can lay claim to iPhone being the most profitable smartphone on the market, and now the most used device for those using the mobile Internet either via 3G or wifi.

In order to unreveal the wonders of iPhone innovation, one should sink into its different parts and features.

Apple’s pride is it’s display. The phone’s screen has to do with 3.5 inches with a 320 x 480 pixels screen. The touch display function made it impossible for different other rivals to beat Apple basing upon market value and ability of mobile phones. Updating surface area display to a high quality optical glass from plastic is one of the significant elements why the device has become more scratch-proof. The more reason individuals like it compared with various other systems.

Talking about the features, If you are one of the millions that were blown away by iPhone, get ready to stand and face a hell of a tornado. The look, the compactness, the millions of add-ons, the compatibility of apps and a processor that runs better than most 21st century conventional compute. All these are just some of the many jaw dropping qualities of the iPhone. And with the rumor that the price is set to fall as well, you better start saving up for this miracle.

If a phone is what you are waiting for, instead of spending a few less rupees on a transitional phone, it is better to save up and get the real thing, that is, iPhone!


iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4 – A comparison (PART II)


In part I, I had quoted three basic points of differences between S4 and i5S. Continuing with that, I have three more distinctive characteristics of these mega phones.


Advanced version of multitasking, Control Center for Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Screen brightness, innovative Notification Center and separate tabs for All and Missed alerts are being highly rewarded. i5S also blends flawlessly with the ecosystem of Apple allowing effortless connection with other Apple devices.

On the other hand, S4 hands over your notifications and settings in a single view via TouchWiz. Customization of settings is also being appreciated. For multitasking, S4 still uses the Android’s standard recent apps menu. It also has the Multi-Window feature i.e. running multiple apps simultaneously. The Android 4.2 of S4 will soon be updated to the latest version – Android 4.4 KitKat.


S4 is flawless when it comes to performance. The quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU is just the perfect thing that every user demands. While on the other hand, i5S with the A7 chip and 64-bit architecture is undoubtedly the swiftest phone available around the world.


The most sensational competition is between the distinctive features – Siri and S Voice, M7 coprocessor and Remote Control and iCloud and Air Gesture.

Each company has done a marvelous job with its voice recognition feature but obviously only one can be the winner.

Through iCloud and Auto Backup, both companies offer backup for pictures and personal data. Apple’s latest addition, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is incredible. To this feature, S4 is competing with its Air Gesture.

S4 can be alternated into a remote control for Samsung devices such as the TV. I5S’s M7 coprocessor is perfect for fitness apps.


iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4 – A comparison (PART I)

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Both iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4 are the sovereign most phones of their respective companies. Millions of people around the world are ready to lay their hands on any one of these, but the major question is – Which one? Let’s compare and know whether S4 or i5S is supposed to be your phone.


With the increasing demand of abridging the disparity between a smart phone and a tablet both companies did equal justice with the size of their products. Apple stayed loyal to its original 4” screen while Samsung decided to go with a 5” one. Also, S4 conveys a much denser and sharper 441 pixels/inch over the 326 pixels/inch of i5.


I5S’s camera specs are nothing in comparison to S4! The dual camera mode, Eraser mode, Drama Shot mode and Animated GIF photo mode is swaying people off their feet. With the 13 MP cam of S4, i5S has only 8 MP. The front facing cam winner is again S4 with 3 MP and only 1.2 MP of i5S. Apple has introduced a new true Tone dual LED with amber flashes and S4 has preserved the standard single LED flash.


When it comes to the built and designs, Apple is unbeatable. Apple has a clear idea how to make solid, elegant smart phones. Apple has implied all its techniques to build the perfect design for its i5S and unsurprisingly it has succeeded. Available in three colors – gray, gold and silver, i5s is light (3.9 ounces) and thin (0.3”).


Why I do not like Cell Phones?


Seriously, I am among those fewest species on earth that still hate cell phones! Even after zillions of technological advancements and creative devices in the market, I continue to hate cell phones as much as I hated when the only cell phone available was Nokia 3310 (the one with yellow light).

Cell phones kind of nauseate me. I think I am a very private person. I cannot bear a phone beeping or vibrating on my side all the time. Neither can I tolerate those FB or Twitter messages being sent on my phone for my convenience.

You know when do I abhor my cell phone most? When I had just sat down on my beloved toilet seat and it starts ringing. Oh God!!! Such a torture that moment is to me! There is this inquisitiveness in me that I cannot carry on with that private chore of mine and I become obliged to check my phone. Why exactly did God make me like that? I have not yet apprehended the answer L

It is completely above the level of my understanding that how can people actual converse over text messages. I mean seriously? Then why cannot I do this? Why am I so dumb while texting and so agile while talking face to face? People actually text their friends and can communicate the entire night! Why does my shoulder ache after the third or fourth text message?

I thing I do not have the gene to love this device. I always prefer laptop to a smart phone, even for a task as simple as liking a status.

Do you even think I need help?

Make your world smarter with Black Berry Q5

The BLACK BERRY Q5 is the third blackberry 10 device to hit the market and the second to feature a physical keyboard. At first glance the Q5 could fit well into the Curve line thanks to the classic BlackBerry design and separated Curve-style keys.

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The Q5 is running BlackBerry 10.1 and does it well thanks to the 1.2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. 3.1″ 720×720 display LCD touch screen is bold and bright and the Q5 is sporting LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC. The integrated 2180mAh battery is actually one of the biggest to date, but the fact that it’s non-removable is a downer. The camera on the BlackBerry Q5 is sadly only 5MP. The front-facing camera rings in at just 2MP. When it comes to the OS on the Q5 there really isn’t anything new here. BlackBerry World is getting bigger by the day and already has a huge selection of apps, games, movies, music and TV shows available for the Q5. The BlackBerry Q5 comes with a surprisingly capable video player. Its interface is very similar to that of the image gallery. It has three tabs – Recent, Camera and Library and can display items either as a list or a grid. The music player, gallery and video player is DLNA-enabled.


The Q5 weighs in at just over 4 ounces so it’s not too heavy and at the same time doesn’t feel like it will break because it’s too light. Black Berry Q5 is available in red, pink, white and black color also.

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