Samsung vs HTC – Which Has the More Classic Phones?

Samsung’s rise to prominence in the smartphone market has been rather spectacular, because only a few years ago it was companies like Nokia and BlackBerry which ruled the roost.

The emergence of the Android operating system gave Samsung the boost it needed to start selling a seriously impressive number of smartphones, although other companies also benefitted from this boom.

samsung vs htc

HTC has kept pace with Samsung in terms of mobile technology, if not sales figures, for the past few years. But which of these two companies has cumulatively produced the better range of smartphones?

Big Hitters

Anyone who has being paying attention to the mobile market since 2010 will realise that Samsung and HTC have differed in one major way at the top end of the market and that is design.

While Samsung has been keen to keep producing plastic-clad handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S and its various sequels, HTC has forged its own path with devices like the Sensation and One X which use plenty of metal and other premium materials.

This means that although Samsung has made its phones thinner and lighter, HTC has chosen to court the crowd that is more conscious of build quality. Today this contrast is clearly illustrated by the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, although in the past it saw the Galaxy S go up against the HTC Desire.

Looking back a little further, it becomes clear that HTC has always been keen to experiment with outlandish designs. Handsets like the Diamond were quirky and cool, if not exactly endowed with looks that would make them a mainstream hit.


Things get a little more complicated when looking at the cheaper phones from these manufacturers, because there is obviously a need to compromise when price is a factor.

For a time the HTC Wildfire range was a popular mid-range phone, as was the Samsung Galaxy Ace. But if you were thinking of selling your Samsung Galaxy Ace handset to replace it with a more modern alternative, each company would have something to offer.

The Galaxy Ace 2 is a worthy replacement, while the two year old Galaxy S2 is becoming a very impressive mid-range proposition. From HTC the choice comes down the devices like the Windows Phone 8S or the Android-based One S.

Ancient History

Part of the problem when looking at the back catalogues of these two manufacturers is that Samsung has had more experience in the mainstream part of the mobile industry, since HTC began by producing handsets for professionals running the Windows Mobile operating system.

It is also worth remembering that although the two companies produce quite different devices, whichever one you choose will endow you with a well-made handset that has been built by an experienced team. This means that the real winner is the consumer.

James Lindsey writes about mobile phones, computer technology and the cloud for websites, magazines and newspapers. He thinks that when selling your Samsung Galaxy Ace handset you should consider an HTC phone for your next upgrade.