Digital Storm X17E: Gaming laptop with CPU up to 4.5 GHz

In this high technology age of modern gadgetry and high definition media, it is a common ground for different manufacturers and brand names to compete for the supremacy in the field of powerful systems and digital components, and when talks of advanced technology as far as speed, performance and reliability in the chips systems are concerned, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of a particular system (be it a conventional desktop or the modern mobile laptops and notebooks) is the first thing that is being given full consideration.

Digital Storm is a brand that manages well in this department. A company known for its portable systems for expert gamers, DStorm just announced today an update to their much prized X17E notebook, now available with an Intel Extreme Edition Core i7-3920XM. This one of a kind rig is equipped with 17-inch LED display with a resolution of Full HD 1920 × 0180 and can handle any game through the use of graphics chips NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M or AMD Radeon 7970M. As per tradition, the company allows users to customize the product, not only the hardware but also the frequency of the CPU embedded deep in its circuitry.

As per user’s request, it is possible (though at an additional cost) to set the processor to 4.5 GHz, a value that seems entirely suited to graphics cards for this system. Among other special features of X17E mentioned is the possibility to install 32GB of DDR3 memory, USB 3.0, card reader 9 in 1, Blue ray, and eSATA among others, all bear the epitome of late age technology. You can own the basic version of the Digital Storm i7-X17E with 3920Xm for about $ 1800.

Motorola Finally Announces Its First Line of Smartphones

Google acquired Motorola in the summer of 2011 and now one of the leading makers of mobile phones has finally launched its first line of smartphones. To date, only a 3 smartphone models have been confirmed but Motorola promises more to come.

The model that has almost everyone jumping in their seats with excitement is the Droid Razr HD Maxx.


The Droid Razr HD Maxx is currently Motorola’s smartphone flagship. It features a 4.3-inch touch screen, 4G connectivity, and a high powered battery (think 3300 mAh!). Aside from that, it also has an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 1.3 -megapixel front facing camera.


The other 2 units that has been announced are the Motorola Droid HD Razr and Droid Razr HD M. The latter is set to be released by the US telecom company, Verizon. No price has been confirmed as of yet but insiders say that it will go for only a little over $100 with a contract.

The other two smartphones have similar features to the Razr HD Maxx except that the flagship phone is more optimized, has a slightly larger screen. However, the other 2 Razrs also have high resolution HD screens. Additionally, they have higher storage capacity and features like NFC, mobile payment applications. Of course, lower market prices give the other two Razrs an edge over the HD Maxx..

There are a lot of applications that one can enjoy from any one of the Droid Razrs out of the box. Other applications (free or paid) can be downloaded off Google Play.

The new Motorola smartphones come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, but are upgradable to the most recent Android OS which is the Jelly Bean 4.1.


Apple vs HTC: HTC LTE patents valid, the proceedings continue. iDevice at risk ban

The long (and somewhat exhausting) battle of patents between mobile manufacturers, HTC and Apple, reported a new and important victory for the Taiwanese manufacturer. While echoes of triumph over Cupertino biggie’s victory over Samsung still lingers, the judges of the ITC case that Apple filed against HTC have rejected Apple’s 700-page complaint. We are, of course, talking about Apple’s claim that HTC does not have valid patents for their Smartphones. Although the case has not yet come to an end, the judges have already received proof of the validity of HTC’s patents and have already given the go-ahead to use them in court.

The courts have essentially rejected the requests of Apple regarding the exclusion of such patents by the dispute. According to Cupertino lawyers, HTC bought the ownership of such patents from ADC Telecommunications in April 2011 for $ 75 million.

Judge Thomas Pender however, has cleared any doubts about the validity of these patents, saying:

“I do not care if they bought these patents. They are property right”

Whatever reason HTC may have had for buying the patents, strong evident fact remains that they are still valid and can therefore be used in the proceedings, and no one, not even the big apple can keep them from manufacturing Smartphones that somewhat bear an uncanny resemblance-feature wise-with the former’s most prized “innovations”.

The story has not yet resulted in the final judgment, but the stakes start to become more and more significant as the drama drags on. If the federal courts will eventually ensure the effective patent infringement by Apple with iPad and probably also with the new iPhone has integrated LTE technology, these devices will be at risk ban.

LG Sues Samsung for OLED Display Espionage

Everybody knows about the illustrious scuffle for supremacy over silicon valley between South Korean tech mogul Samsung and Cupertino’s most ubiquitous household name-Apple, considered the high-tech war of the 21st century, in which Samsung has just been found guilty of having stolen heavily from the latter, now the group accuses South Korea of industrial espionage against its main competitors in the country, LG Electronics. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language defines the word as “the act or practice of spying or of using spies to obtain secret information, as about another government or a business competitor” and according to Samsung, its subsidiary LG Display is said to have procured a large scale information about the OLED technology developed by Samsung.

The company has therefore filed suit in federal court in the Korean capital Seoul and demands from LG a sum of 1 billion won (about 700,000 Euros) in compensation for the theft of 18 secret technologies for its OLED screens and 21 other details. The suit against LG follows a process that began in July. At that time, 11 people were charged, core technologies for OLED displays from Samsung secretly forwarded to LG. Among the accused were also former and in-service staff of the Research Department.

Samsung has stuck by its own account in the past 10 years, more than 10 trillion won in the development of OLED displays. These investments have made it possible for the company to clearly dominate the market share, having a 99 percent share of the world market for OLED TVs. Both Samsung and LG, among other huge OLED TV manufacturers boast with OLED creations with a screen display of 55 diagonal inches.

Apple – Samsung Verdict Sparked Increase Galaxy S3 Sales, Analysts Say

In the enduring saga of the squabbling giants Cupertino legend-Apple and Korea’s Tech giant-Samsung, we may have been for the long haul as analysts forecast that the substantial increase in the Galaxy S3 series sales as being brought about by the judge’s final decision. If there is one thing certain, the big boys at Curpetino sure wouldn’t take it so lightly.


Despite all the ups and downs resulting from the decision of the court on the Apple / Samsung case, the leaders of the Korean house may not be so bitter if the latest estimates published by analysts Global Equities Research would ring true. In the United States many have followed the compelling drama in the courtroom more closely than in any other countries. The judgment that has seen the two companies clash causes related to several patents that is no longer just kept inside the chest, and it was utterly imminent that just before the judge issued the final judgment, many users who feared a possible ban or failure of sales for the most sought after Smartphone took a frenzied trip to the nearest Tech stores all over and were in helter-skelter over securing at least a unit of their own.

Last Friday there was a significant increase in sales of its Galaxy S3 in many AT & T stores before it was expressed in the final decision of the court in the late evening of the same day, as well as several store operator Sprint and T-Mobile have received several requests from customers interested in buying the Smartphone. According to the analyst, such a situation could lead Apple and Samsung in the future to form a sort of cross-licensing agreement to promote the sales of both at different times, but it currently seems far from being realized.

50GB of Dropbox Space for Galaxy Note and Galaxy 2 Camera!

In the recent days, there had been a fever of the ever growing necessity for huge storage capacity. If that is not enough, people had been clamoring for something, anything at all that provides convenience as far as data storage is concerned, especially for the ones that are always on the go. Mobile data storage had given birth to the compact, light and easy-to-carry USB flash drives. It had spawn numerous geists and incarnations since then. It is fairly comprehensible if that too, is never enough these days. Thus, a new generation of storage technology is conceived–the cloud.

When anyone knowledgeable of the most recent tech funk  hears of “the cloud”, they would immediately know that it does not refer to fluffy white masses of gas and air that you see hovering above on a warm, sunny day. Nor has it anything to do with day dreaming and the stuff, but rather, in direct translation: mobile computing. Files and data storage that you can always retrieve where there is an active internet connection. Thus born–Dropbox, the famous online data storage service, which is accessible from any platform and is now widely used in the world.

Now Dropbox, being the talk of the town for all the denizens of Geeksville, Samsung has teamed up with the brains behind the online storage prodigy. All prospective buyers of new products from Samsung’s Android Galaxy range (the ones presented at IFA 2012) shall enjoy a free 50GB storage space on Dropbox for two years.  Samsung thus consolidates the partnership with Team DP. It will be interesting to see if the “offer” will be added to that of other devices and if all incoming subscribers will be able to qualify for a bonus space completely free of charge for two years.


Dead Space 3 Finally Out of the Box

Fans of the cult mega series Dead Space, rejoice!

The creators have officially disclosed that in their effort to satisfy the clamoring game fan base, they are releasing the much awaited 3rd sequel to the already legendary 2 part series. The public is always eagerly waiting for the launch of the highly anticipated Dead Space 3, thus the producers are in high notes as they unveil the holy grail. They also meant to warn fans of an extremely lengthy gameplay of at least 100 hours for the latter part of the saga, thanks to an additional layer that will expand the plot a little.

Below is a statement made by the development team regarding what to expect from the recently released franchise as the AusGamer mob ambushed them for an interview:


“I think that Dead Space 3 is a bit different because we have more depth in the gameplay, and also in the room. We have beta-path, which are entirely optional and additional levels to explore, which is great if you want to find a good resource. ”

“This is linked to the functionality of the weapon-crafting and management of resources, because if you explore the world to find the best resources get the best parties and the most powerful weapons.”

Before retiring the team reveals that if there is a commitment to craft arms getting stronger, the duration of the chapter will be quadrupled, because players will be forced to wander the map looking around for the best items that will surely define the final outcome of the stage.

Dementia never felt this good. If you’re wondering why, grab a copy of your own Dead space 3, out now!

iPad Slowly Replacing Traditional PCs in Schools

Studies conducted during the third quarter of the year showed that for the first time in history, sales for the Apple iPad has exceeded not only desktop computers, but also laptops. This study does not only pertain to businessmen and individuals buying computers for their personal use, but also consumers in educational institutions.


Charlie Wolf, an analyst at Needham & Company,  stated that PC sales in the education sector have declined by as much as 265,000 units (13.9%) from the third quarter of last year. Apple has sold nearly a million iPads to various educational institutions last June. This alone is proof that the  iPad is quickly on its way to replacing traditional computers in schools in the US.

According to Wolf:

“Clearly, a significant portion of the sales of the iPad represents an expansion of the market. But by analyzing this phenomenon and considering that Mac sales totaled around 520,000 units, while sales of PCs declined by 265,000 units a year (from 1.90 million to 1.64 million, ed), we believe that ‘only conclusion to be drawn is that the iPad is beginning to cannibalize a significant portion of the PC market dedicated to the world of education. “

Wolf also argues that the potential of the Apple tablet will allow them to break further into other markets in the near future. This is great news for Apple and perhaps other tablet PC manufacturers.

This year alone, iPad sales have increased to more than 200 percent.. That figure is expected to rise as more and more schools will be integrating the iDevice into their curriculum. However, this poses a great threat to book publishers as there is a big possibility that schools will also start shifting to ebooks. Should this happen, the need for hardbound books and paperbacks will cease to exist.

Acer Set to Release Windows Phone 8 Devices in 2013

In a market where Nokia, HTC, and Samsung seem to be the main protagonists, a new competitor is gearing up to release a line of Windows smartphones. Acer, one of the leading manufacturers of laptops and desktop components, confirms to be working on a set of smartphone models that will carry a Windows operating system. The target date for distribution is set for next year.



Jim Wong, president of Acer, said recently that the company is planning a total of six new smartphones that will see the light in 2013. He cleared up rumors that all of the models will be carrying a Windows OS. However, he has also confirmed  that at least one of the phones will be a Windows 8 smartphone.

The rest of the smartphones that are set to be released by Acer will be Android devices. This is good news for those that are not too fond of the Windows OS and prefer a more user friendly platform. Of course, it is also great for those that love to make the most out of the Android devices as the can download numerous applications from Google Play.

The company’s strategy is to move forward and focus their target to consumers in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and India. No prices have been released as of yet as the models are still being developed but Acer aims to produce affordable but high-powered smartphones to be able to cater to budget consumers.


Viber Voice Calls for Windows Phones Soon to Be Released



Viber is without a doubt one of the most widely used mobile applications among smartphone users. Not only is it good for sending free SMS and MMS messages, but it also allows users to send out free voice calls as long as internet access is available. However, Windows phone users are only limited to the SMS feature and that has caused quite an inconvenience.

Despite Viber’s fame, an update is yet to be released for Windows phone users. Good news is that the clamor seems to have finally reached the ears of Viber’s big wigs as there are talks that the voice call feature may finally become available to Windows phone users. Further mentioned is that it may be downloaded from Microsoft’s virtual store.

Through Viber’s Facebook page, representatives of the aforementioned company have released a statement saying that the update is still in the development stage and asks for a bit of patience from Windows phone users. Many are hopeful that the free voice call feature will finally be available when Windows 8 phone finally rolls out. But as of writing, a definite date or a confirmation is yet to be released so there really is nothing left for Windows phone owners to do but to wait.


Oracle Releases Patch to Stop Java 7 Leak


A few days ago, we talked about the vulnerability of Java 7 on OS X and today we continue to write about the issue and its recent developments.

The problem was very general – it involved all operating systems with the latest version of  Java SE 7 Update 6 installed. Given the gravity of the situation and the fact that Oracle had promised updates on a quarterly basis, it promptly released a minor update which is now known to be the  Java SE 7 Update 7. For now, this update seems to have fixed the problem but we want to give it a bit more time before we confirm that all leaks have really been sealed.

Among other things, David Maynor, CTO of Errata Security, has confirmed that the exploit, Metasploit  also works (and it should!)  also on Mac with the latest version of OS X Lion Mountain. The previous version has been reported to be non-functional on Mac computers and this has caused problems among Mac computer owners. It’s good to know that they have finally released a version that works since Mac computers are quickly becoming popular among consumers. Without this update, Java would have faced a decrease in sales as majority of applications highly depend on the Java platform.

With the recent release, all Mac users are invited to proceed to the official page of  Oracle so they can upgrade their Java version to the new and not to mention functional Java SE 7.


The Final Installment of The Hobbit Trilogy Will Be Released in 2014

It has been confirmed that the third installment of  Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit will be released on July 18, 2014. The film will be called The Hobbit: There and Back Again. All three films already have a date of release as well as official titles. Therefore, fans should no longer expect more films to be released under the franchise and should just wait until the films are released on the big screen.

Below are the release dates of Jackson’s depiction of the best seller trilogy:

  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, December 14, 2012.
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, December 13, 2013.
  • The Hobbit: There and Back Again, July 18, 2014.

Although fans are surely not disappointed, they are curious to know why they would only have to wait a short time to see the final installment after the second film is released. If you can notice, the wait period between the first and second film is a year. Dan Fellman, president of production at Warner Bros. Pictures gave this answer:

 “We wanted to reduce the waiting time between the second and the third installment of the trilogy. Output in the month of July gives us a great location between the summer movie releases, fans also will have less time to wait for the end of this epic adventure. 

There you have it! Those that have been following the Hobbits right from the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings will be very happy to know that they no longer have to spend time wondering when they will be able to see their favorite characters come to life on the big screen.

Huawei Ascend Announces the Release of G600

Huawei announced the release of the new  Ascend G600  in this year’s IFA convention. Their new smartphone model is geared for the mid-price market. However, this does not mean that it won’t come with competitive features.


For one thing, it will be running an Android operating system – 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich. Another thing, it boasts of is its 8 megapixel rear camera. Although Huawei’s Ascend G600’s market price is yet to be confirmed, it is rumored that it will sell for a little below €300 in Germany. Not bad given the features that it carries.

Here are the technical specifications of the Ascend G600:

  • Display 4.5-inch IPS qHD resolution (960 × 540).
  • 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor.
  • 768MB RAM.
  • 4GB internal memory expandable via microSD.
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • Full connectivity: NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DLNA.
  • 1930 mAh battery.
  • Comes in Black and White

It is set to be released to the general market sometime this month but an official date is yet to be announced. Huawei expects that the Ascend G600 will gain a warm audience among smartphone enthusiasts as it will be price quite competitively. With its specifications, a lot can be expected from this affordable mobile phone. However, it would have to compete with other mobile phone manufacturers that are also gearing up to release mid-priced smartphones.


EA’s Origin Announces a Back to School Promo


In this day and age, a business needs to come up with clever and appealing tactics to garner more sales. Origin, a company powered by EA Games, announced a back to school promo for their patrons as early as July. Yes, that’s how excited they are to announce their new gimmick! So what’s the promo all about?

Well, Origin patrons can take advantage of  a 50% discount for games like Battlefield 3 ,  Mass Effect 3 , FIFA 12 , The Secret World, The Sims 3, and The Witcher 2 . However, they would need to make the purchase sometime between August 31 to  September 5.

If your favorite game was not mentioned above, don’t fret as Origin promises that almost every EA game title will be included in the promo. Additionally, they also boast that games from other developers will also be eligible to the 50% discount. The best part? You don’t even have to be a student that’s indeed going back to school to be able to enjoy enormous savings! All you need to do is visit the Origin website!

Want to know more? Click here  for more information about Origin’s back to school promo and to take advantage of this limited offer! Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass, it’s not everyday that you’ll be able to score top EA game titles at half the price!