CrazyMaze! Lands in the Marketplace

Amidst the myriad of titles from Microsoft’s virtual store, from time to time you would “strangely” happen to get your hands on an extra ordinary software that renders a user spending hours with eyes glued unto the screen for reasons withheld until solicited. Extra ordinary in the sense that anyone who throws about 5 minutes of attention to it would certainly need another 5 no sooner than the last one. With the power to captivate any unsuspecting spectator and render them enticed to its often interesting but friendly interface due to its simplicity of approach, whilst embellished with some unique characteristics, albeit enigmatic yet subtle and utterly addicting.

Such is just one way to describe that which is known simply as CrazyMaze! With a façade as simple as it is interesting, CrazyMaze! is part of the circle of fascinating, often quirky mirage of out of this world sights, sounds and inhabitants that certainly leave a mark on you the moment you let them into your world.

With an offering of about fifty levels revolving around platforms and sceneries driving a small sphere towards the end of the level and following the classic conception of a puzzle game, the player drives around the levels to be awarded medals, which may be bronze, silver or gold,  and at the end of each stage depending on their performance.

The duration of the game is dictated by the players’ tenacity to unlock new levels, collecting medals, painstakingly earned stage after stage. In addition, there are several boundary elements that has the potential to be particularly useful.  Some of which are keys that open new areas and a substantial increase in speed due to the booster. These among others give the replay value of CrazyMaze! a decent face.

The price of release itself is impressive as it is “user friendly”, set at €0.99 , which could very well be another good reason to grab a game that promises tons of fun and countless hours of exhilarating challenges if not a set of bloodshot eyes.


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