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So, you may be wondering what the case is with all the hoopla surrounding President Barack Obama’s Blackberry device. Among the thousands of news articles surrounding the now sworn into office President, there also has been a lot of discussion surrounding his use of technology, as well as a pair of controversies that are obliged to it.

To say that President Obama is addicted to his BlackBerry is an understatement. Throughout the campaign, his trusty BlackBerry was always hooked to his belt, his only relationship to the outside world as the security bubble engulfing him became tighter and tighter. But there was also talk during the campaign that, if elected president, Obama would have to give up his BlackBerry addiction. The President of the United States doesn’t send e-mail messages because it is a security risk. What’s more, the Presidential Records Act puts a president’s correspondence in the public record-and eventually eligible for public view, as well as the possibility of subpoenas.

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Whether or not you agree with Obama’s policies or any other political issues in relation to him taking office, you might like to know how he’ll be influenced by today’s security standards. Obama is constantly using his Blackberry as it offers features that many people use including businesspeople and others who like to receive e-mail and information on a constant basis.

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There are many uses for Blackberry device. Obama says that he would use his Blackberry and technology to remain attached to the people. Obama is a very big advocate of staying connected to the American public and the issues that matter to them the most. The Blackberry is like a mini messenger that he can use to instantly stay related to the issues that are important to everyone even at that very moment.

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Organizations have the necessary flexibility to enable BlackBerry service for non-BlackBerry devices with BlackBerry Connect. This article reviews the benefits of using BlackBerry Connect, the supported platforms and devices, and alternative ways to accomodate non-BlackBerry users in the enterprise. A brief discussion of how to get started is likewise included.

BlackBerry Connect software has been written for devices running the Palm Operating System, the Windows Mobile Operating System, and the Symbian Operating System. Devices with BlackBerry Connect software can be bought from many device manufacturers, such as Nokia, HTC, Motorola and Palm.

Now that President Obama has been elected to office, he’ll have a lot of information and technology available to him, with a view to make his decisions and to execute his policies. He would be able to recover a lot of information and to be in a position to execute these policies on the basis of information gathered from his Blackberry device. Of course, he would not solely be based on the device, but it’s going to be a great help in the area of communication and organization.

You also may like to know that the US Secret Service has had issues with this as a result of the inevitable security concerns that come with using a device such as the Blackberry. President Obama will evidently be in a powerful position with access to a lot of sensitive information that will greatly affect both the US and the world. President Obama will also be necessary to have all the communication he performs recorded and he’ll have to use certified, approved devices that pass very strict security tests.

As a computer security advocate knows there’s always a risk of a potential break in with technologies such as this. A lot of precautions will be set in place in order to make sure that data he uses on his Blackberry isn’t compromised. Many people thought the president would give up his Blackberry when he got elected. Obama has said in an interviews, however, that he would in fact be using his Blackberry in the White House. He also says he is mindful of the security involves and the potential risk to having that sort of information on the device.

It will be useful to know how he handles the employment of his Blackberry in the future. It could both be positive to his term in office as well as create the potential for security risk.

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