Digital Storm X17E: Gaming laptop with CPU up to 4.5 GHz

In this high technology age of modern gadgetry and high definition media, it is a common ground for different manufacturers and brand names to compete for the supremacy in the field of powerful systems and digital components, and when talks of advanced technology as far as speed, performance and reliability in the chips systems are concerned, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of a particular system (be it a conventional desktop or the modern mobile laptops and notebooks) is the first thing that is being given full consideration.

Digital Storm is a brand that manages well in this department. A company known for its portable systems for expert gamers, DStorm just announced today an update to their much prized X17E notebook, now available with an Intel Extreme Edition Core i7-3920XM. This one of a kind rig is equipped with 17-inch LED display with a resolution of Full HD 1920 × 0180 and can handle any game through the use of graphics chips NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M or AMD Radeon 7970M. As per tradition, the company allows users to customize the product, not only the hardware but also the frequency of the CPU embedded deep in its circuitry.

As per user’s request, it is possible (though at an additional cost) to set the processor to 4.5 GHz, a value that seems entirely suited to graphics cards for this system. Among other special features of X17E mentioned is the possibility to install 32GB of DDR3 memory, USB 3.0, card reader 9 in 1, Blue ray, and eSATA among others, all bear the epitome of late age technology. You can own the basic version of the Digital Storm i7-X17E with 3920Xm for about $ 1800.

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