Dual-core Processor – What’s Required

As computing needs continue to put increasing demand on the necessity for faster and more powerful computer hardware, the dual-core processors have become most common place in most computers. In fact, some chip makers such as AMD and Intel have already released quad core processors and beyond. One group of researchers is even looking at the possibility of establishing a single processor containing over 100 cores.

While this all sounds impressive, most computers contain either a single or dual core processor but what’s that supposed to mean to you? Will you suddenly be in a position to do more, play better games, work on your computer faster, and surf the net at ever increasing speeds? The answer to these questions is in the hands of software developers because in order to benefit of dual core processors, the actual programs have to be in a position to utilize parallel processing that is included with more then one core.

On The Subject of dual-core processor

A computer with a dual core has the ability to run more operations and system processes during the same time so, it’s single core counterpart. This means that more tasks can be done, more programs can be open and running, and even a single program (such as a new video game) can take advantage of the dual cores to run more complex processes at the same time. Think of a current video game and all that the computer is processing at any time such as audio, visual, interaction with the game environment, more, and your game controls.

More Dual-core Processor….

The potential of dual cores has still to be fully unlocked, but is quickly becoming more and more realized and put to good use. Those who’ll realize the most speed difference between single and dual core processors are gamers who play games designed to use both cores and developers who demand more processing power to run their developing software. For now the average web surfer and word processor user will notice little if any speed difference and even those who open and run many programs at once will only notice a slight change in speed.

Most of the software and games still are designed to utilize only one or two cores. Therefore, if you possess a dual-core processor with clock speed of 2.6 GHz, a game would run on it more effectively than on a 2.1 GHz quad core processor. But in view of the future, because all these games and software are catching on to more core processors, purchasing quad core rather than dual core would serve as a good idea.

One sort of software that is very sensitive to processor speed is the video converter. Now, all these video converters are tuned up to utilize multiple core processor, so for people using these kind of software, multiple cores will enhance the performance.

There is no question that multi-core processors will become the norm and no doubt that they’ll allow programmers to create software like never before. For now you could get a dual core in your new computer right now and not even notice it; but in time that untapped processing ability will be a welcome and expected boost in speed.

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