Furnishing the Photographers – Canon PowerShot D20

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Canon has always maintained its repute as a consistent and dependable camera producer. They recently updated their digital-camera-family with the new PowerShot D20. This latest family member has come with a superior 5x optical zoom and a 12 megapixel resolution. Although the ancestor, D10 was also a water proof camera and the sensors were fine too, but the new Power Short D20 has a sensor with the high-quality HS technology which is just excellent for dim light clicks and the performance is awesome. D20 has a splendid, stylish and trendy square design. This tremendous and amazing camera is ideal and for night clicks and functions flawlessly to capture nature. This product is Canon’s second water and shock proof; can resist water up to 33 feet and shock proof up to 5 feet. All of the sophisticated and highly developed features of this device are a blessing of theDIGIC 4 Image Processor installed inside. It is intelligent enough for speedy shooting. It can, undoubtedly, deliver sharper, brighter and clearer images. Canon D20 comes with a GPS antenna for geo-tagging images. D20 not only easily captures your favorite moments but also records them in excellent full HD video recorder. Canon D20 has a rechargeable battery and a compact power adapter which allows you to charge your camera. Durability and stability is that preeminent feature which has magnetized photographers all around the world to this small and magical device. It is a solid and firm camera, perfect for outdoor shooting and compatible to casual and immature photographers, particularly to those who capture their every memorable instant.

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