Get on the Hub!

The mastermind behind the Windows enterprise, Bill Gates has been visualizing and enduring quite a lot of competition. Taken aback by Steve Jobs initially and now, by the South Korean company, who would have thought that such competition would try to besiege him. However, the mastermind is still keen in introducing latest techniques and technology so that he can ensure Windows customers that Windows is still capable of ruling the world like it had been ruling.

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Recently, GitHub had been introduced for Windows and has kind of made things more complex for the manual world. However, there are tonnes of tutorials posted on the internet for which people may learn easily how to use the software in connection with Windows.

Github is an online community which enables people to easily communicate with loads of people on a single platform. The projects can be variable, either of an open sourcing project or any other project which requires team management and collaboration.

Github possesses a variety of contractors and majority of them as owners of leading repositories, graphic designers or stats developers. It is a community which usually encompasses on the technology world.


As more and more industries are being introduced, we see that there is a sudden increase for officials all around the world. Github has also helped in this case. As all must know, Freelancer and ODesk also present with these features to an extent, but, somehow Github has exceeded in the uder community as there are a lot of learned people spread in just one hunting click.

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