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I was so hyped up when the Nintendo Wii was released. I visited my local gaming store every other day in hopes to find my hands on the console, ad finally 3 months after it’s release I was able to get one.

When I turned it on I was happy, and yet disappointed, and here is why. I will give you 10 reasons why I love the Nintendo Wii, and 10 reasons why I hate it’s sand.

In order for me to hook up online I need to buy a frigging wifi adapter, or I needed to have wifi networking. For those of us who’ve NEITHER, are forced to shell out another $40-$120. That stupid adapter should ave come with the console. I think it sucks that so many consoles ask for more gadgets that cost even more money. As if buying the games aren’t pricey enough.

Additional Information on Wii

All tinkering and setting of the game console needs to be carried out by a professional. There are several shops over the Internet that offers dsi repairs. All that you’ve got to do is make a quick search and you’ll be presented with a listing of the sites that can assist you with your game console trouble. Having your DSi repaired with a professional will only ensure you that it will be properly fixed and no further damage will be done. Many electronic repair shops out there offer their services to any type of gadget. However, they may do more damage with your already broken DSi. This is because repairing a game console would need specialization in it. The best thing that you will be able to do if your DSi is broken is look around for the experts of game console repairs. You can have a peace of mind in entrusting your precious game console with them.

Taking a step back….

To know if the one offering you dsi repairs service is an expert, you can ask them if they have certifications or formal trainings with repairing game consoles. They should be knowledgeable with it, for them to properly repair a game console. Having training would mean that they’re aware of the things that has to be done with repairing your DSi. Another way to know if they’re good at what they do is they can instantly give you the possible restitution of the game console. They can also give you the processes involved in repairing it. If they cannot provide any the details you’re asking for, then it may be good to look for some else offering dsi repairs services.

Digging Up Secrets About Wii

This is one of the best means that you can take good care of your DSi game console, thus, always ensuring that it’s in the right hands before you leave it for dsi repairs. This way, the game console can again return to you still intact and working well. Lastly, always take good care of your DSi. Treat it properly by not exposing it to water and other things that can damage it. Not doing this might do some damage to your game console and permanently break its internal parts.

My next point, game prices. I find it insane that the going price for almost all wii games are $59! Then Nintendo thinks it is being nice by releasing a $39.00 Game. But as a wii player I have found that these cheaper games truly, truly suck.

The exchanging of wii friend codes is just retarded. Why do not you just allow us open online gaiming without the tedious process of finding wii friend codes online or in real life. This process just takes away from my actual gaming.

I do not like knowing if I am secure in my online purchases. Not secure in the way that someone will steal my credit card…but what happens if I purchase $300 worth of online games for my console, and my console breaks? Do I have to re-purchase all of those games again? I would hate to loose my gaming menu. I would hate for Nintendo to not give them back to me if I have to buy another console.

I’m not too fond of the rate new games are being released. I mean the menu of available games right now sort of sucks. There are just a few worth buying. I do not get why all of the good games are due to be published in the fall. The wait is killer.

Currently there are just under 1, 000 games available for the Xbox 360, with more games in the pipeline. This is far and away the most preferred platform for most game developers.

I love how the wii allows for me to actually rise up and get active while playing games. Instead of just sitting on the couch, I’m actually getting in a good hour of exercises every time I turn the system on.

I enjoy the channels. I like popping on my Nintendo Wii and quickly and easily getting a glimpse at the conditions, and the news.

I love how Nintendo’s graphics have remained fairly much the same. I have always loved the charming colorful lands Nintendo includes in their games. I’m glad they did not over do it with ridiculous graphics.

I love how I can view how many hours have gone into my games, and the activities that went on with my machine. I know who played, when, and for how long.

I love how small and classy the system is. I can place it right on the bar next to the television, and its size and color doesn’t cause a clash, nor does it take up too much space.

Overall, I’m enjoying the system, but to be fair it as of now is collecting dust waiting for online games to become available, and I also am waiting for games that won’t be released till the fall. So until the fall it will sit there looking pretty.

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