HTC Revenue Down 4% in August

Another difficult month for the Taiwanese Smartphone manufacturer has just concluded. The decline in sales of Smartphones continues to leave traces in the company’s already battered balance sheet, which also recorded a sharp revenue fall within the same month. HTC has achieved revenues of approximately $800 million, ¬†value marks a decrease of 4% compared to the month of July and 47% if we take the month July 2011 as a benchmark. The Taiwanese manufacturer had already anticipated a quarter interim, after ascertaining that the launch of the HTC Smartphone One was not able to get the sales success that everybody in the team previously hoped for.

If on the one hand, the crisis is obvious and overt, the other thing the Taiwanese manufacturer has already implemented was a number of measures to try to respond to difficult situations. In the recent weeks, Peter Chou has called to order his collaborators, emphasizing the importance of responding quickly, minimizing bureaucratic processes that slow the adoption of key decisions’ success.

Just recently, after its annual participation at IFA 2012 without any big news except for the presentation of the X Desire , the Taiwanese company has returned to draw upon itself the attention of the media, giving us a date of September 19 for the event dedicated to Windows Phone 8 and, perhaps, new Android devices as well. The same executives confirmed that a lot more is in-store and are to be expected within the coming months.

There were many interesting perspectives to try to stem the crisis that were discussed, which should be translated into concrete results in terms of sales to bring real benefits to the company.


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