Huawei quits on the US telecom market


Huawei is the world’s second largest network switchgear provider and has always considered the US telecom market as an important part of their overall business. However it seems that they have finally had enough of the US telecom market and has called it quits in trying to gain influence in the US telecom market. Huawei alongside ZTE are facing charges of assisting the Chinese government in espionage and as of now both companies are being labelled as a threat to the countries national security. Huawei did try to fight back and asked for a formal investigation which they thought would help prove that they were being framed, however that was considered as insuperable , which lead to Huawei announcing ‘ We are not interested in the US market anymore’ and this came directly from Huawei Vice President Eric Xu. Keep in mind that decision will probably affect other companies in the US as well and we are sure moth of them are already preparing a legitimate answer to this. Either way Huawei is going to go through crisis and the only way to avoid is to have significant growth in the manufacturers low and mid end devices. Will Huawei be able to make a solid recovery or will it crumble down? Only time can tell.

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