iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4 – A comparison (PART I)

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Both iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4 are the sovereign most phones of their respective companies. Millions of people around the world are ready to lay their hands on any one of these, but the major question is – Which one? Let’s compare and know whether S4 or i5S is supposed to be your phone.


With the increasing demand of abridging the disparity between a smart phone and a tablet both companies did equal justice with the size of their products. Apple stayed loyal to its original 4” screen while Samsung decided to go with a 5” one. Also, S4 conveys a much denser and sharper 441 pixels/inch over the 326 pixels/inch of i5.


I5S’s camera specs are nothing in comparison to S4! The dual camera mode, Eraser mode, Drama Shot mode and Animated GIF photo mode is swaying people off their feet. With the 13 MP cam of S4, i5S has only 8 MP. The front facing cam winner is again S4 with 3 MP and only 1.2 MP of i5S. Apple has introduced a new true Tone dual LED with amber flashes and S4 has preserved the standard single LED flash.


When it comes to the built and designs, Apple is unbeatable. Apple has a clear idea how to make solid, elegant smart phones. Apple has implied all its techniques to build the perfect design for its i5S and unsurprisingly it has succeeded. Available in three colors – gray, gold and silver, i5s is light (3.9 ounces) and thin (0.3”).


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