LG Launches the First Pocket-sized Printer for Android

From the days of analog telephony to digital ones and now the reign of the Android, think you’ve seen it all? You might want to think again. LG has recently introduced on the market the very first Korean mini wireless printer for Smartphones that we can see in the picture accompanied by some manufacturers’ equipment, compatible with it. Coming in a range of colors with glossy, metallic finish, and looking particularly compact and as reported by the manufacturer,  the mini vavavoom can fit in your pocket or purse , it interfaces with the phone via Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC).

The print technology ZINK (Zero Ink) is used. Meaning the protégé  eliminates the  need for conventional cartridges and inks to provide good photographic prints in mobility. This particular system uses heat to melt the color crystals contained in the special paper used by the printer. Imagine the cost-efficiency of this mini state of the art wonder, gone are the days of groping for that costly ink to fit into your machine, plus, convenience and utter portability. If that is not something that would set the standard for next generation printing, nothing else probably will.

First launched in South Korea, there hasn’t been any plans, as of press time to launch it into the US market quotes one LG representative. LG Pocket Photo will initially be sold on the local market at a price of about €130(189,000 won) already inside with 10 sheets of special paper, every refill containing other 10 sheets at a cost of about €10, not exactly cheap but on the other hand is of a particular product and not so widespread. Makes one want to consider oneself fortunate to get their hands on this you-can’t-do-without-gadget.

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