LG Sues Samsung for OLED Display Espionage

Everybody knows about the illustrious scuffle for supremacy over silicon valley between South Korean tech mogul Samsung and Cupertino’s most ubiquitous household name-Apple, considered the high-tech war of the 21st century, in which Samsung has just been found guilty of having stolen heavily from the latter, now the group accuses South Korea of industrial espionage against its main competitors in the country, LG Electronics. The American Heritage┬« Dictionary of the English Language defines the word as “the act or practice of spying or of using spies to obtain secret information, as about another government or a business competitor” and according to Samsung, its subsidiary LG Display is said to have procured a large scale information about the OLED technology developed by Samsung.

The company has therefore filed suit in federal court in the Korean capital Seoul and demands from LG a sum of 1 billion won (about 700,000 Euros) in compensation for the theft of 18 secret technologies for its OLED screens and 21 other details. The suit against LG follows a process that began in July. At that time, 11 people were charged, core technologies for OLED displays from Samsung secretly forwarded to LG. Among the accused were also former and in-service staff of the Research Department.

Samsung has stuck by its own account in the past 10 years, more than 10 trillion won in the development of OLED displays. These investments have made it possible for the company to clearly dominate the market share, having a 99 percent share of the world market for OLED TVs. Both Samsung and LG, among other huge OLED TV manufacturers boast with OLED creations with a screen display of 55 diagonal inches.

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