Make your world smarter with Black Berry Q5

The BLACK BERRY Q5 is the third blackberry 10 device to hit the market and the second to feature a physical keyboard. At first glance the Q5 could fit well into the Curve line thanks to the classic BlackBerry design and separated Curve-style keys.

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The Q5 is running BlackBerry 10.1 and does it well thanks to the 1.2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. 3.1″ 720×720 display LCD touch screen is bold and bright and the Q5 is sporting LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC. The integrated 2180mAh battery is actually one of the biggest to date, but the fact that it’s non-removable is a downer. The camera on the BlackBerry Q5 is sadly only 5MP. The front-facing camera rings in at just 2MP. When it comes to the OS on the Q5 there really isn’t anything new here. BlackBerry World is getting bigger by the day and already has a huge selection of apps, games, movies, music and TV shows available for the Q5. The BlackBerry Q5 comes with a surprisingly capable video player. Its interface is very similar to that of the image gallery. It has three tabs – Recent, Camera and Library and can display items either as a list or a grid. The music player, gallery and video player is DLNA-enabled.


The Q5 weighs in at just over 4 ounces so it’s not too heavy and at the same time doesn’t feel like it will break because it’s too light. Black Berry Q5 is available in red, pink, white and black color also.

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