Monster Island on special offer for the whole week

Can’t get enough of those cutesy little critters whose got an island named after them? Well then bury your hand in the cookie jar with this special offer in the virtual store from Microsoft! Monster Island is indeed released at a reduced price, from €2.99 to €0.99, on demand and on sale for the rest of the week!

Developed by Miniclip, Monster Island promises to submerge players into a real adventure where you will find trying to defeat hordes of monsters through the use of mini bombs an exhilarating experience of sorts that will slowly creep up on you and make you find yourself waking up one morning… addicted!

Monster Island is heavily based on interacting with a pre-rendered environment, thanks to the graphics engine capable of simulating the various impacts between the active elements on the screen very convincingly. The control system is based on the classic concept introduced by Angry Birds, giving players the opportunity to cast their arsenal, from the monstrous features, upon the unwanted visitors and trying to put together a chain reaction through wise exploitation of the scenarios.

There are five different bombs that the player can count: Rocko, Sticky, Xplode, and Don Blui Tonator, all freely available for use in the three worlds. In fact there are over two hundred missions to accomplish, ensuring countless hours of fun and quirky, rather cutesy sort of challenges on a different kind of platform. Attempting to unlock all contributes to a high replay value.

Start turning your weekends into something that you truly look forward to. Grab a copy of this highly addictive title that you would definitely find an unforgettable gaming experience. An instant classic that is certainly well worth your while!

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