Motorola Closes their Doors to the Asia Pacific Market

BGR reports that  Motorola  has shut down their doors to the Asia Pacific market. However, they have not completely shut down their sales as a few of these winged mobile units can till be bought in Korea and Australia. But that is not to say that Motorola could be on its way to recovering their slump.

The decision to shut down sales in Asia Pacific was due to the dismissal of 20% of their domestic labor force. This move forced trade policies to drastically reduce internal business operations in the Asian territory. Major reconstructing in the company’s overall operations would need to be done and that is the main reason behind shutting down sales.

Motorola will continue to sell their existing mobile phone units until supplies last. After which, they will finally close down the company while negotiations for acquisition are still underway. As of writing, the number one bidder for Motorola is Google. It seems that an acquisition is the best way to go given that Motorola seems unable to keep up with the current mobile phone trends. Working with one of top search engine companies in the world would certainly help not only keep Motorola afloat, but also allow it to grow to heights that would not have been imaginable.


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