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The e-commerce transaction, with the combination of Internet technology and to understand e-commerce, you need to begin with the knowledge of the transaction to start. I hope to re-interpretation of the e-commerce from the point of view of transaction.

Most people don’t trust the impersonal financial transactions carried out on the internet and don’t use the internet for any financial transactions.


A shopping stroll tired, buy bottles of drinks thirst, looking around for a convenience store or supermarket, to find a convenience store, chose a bottle of Coke from the shelves, pay to get Coke to quench their thirst. A common enough transaction instance, contains elements of a transaction.


Buy drinks, we must first find the seller, find a convenience store, and you are looking for will be restricted to the scope of your near car sit for many hours, it is not possible for a bottle of beverage, convenience stores but also at the opening, found a closed the convenience store for you doesn’t make sense. For convenience stores, sell drinks, and the same in their business hours after the selection in front of consumers.

From such nonsense, we noted that the prerequisite for buyers and sellers to find each buyer’s selling transactions, the counterparty. Online, the counterparty of choice is restricted by geography and time, your geographical location and time period, these objective conditions you might counterparty range, even if they may not be ideal to sell the purchaser, but you don’t have much choice room.

The emergence of e-commerce, to break this situation, you can in all parts of the country via the Internet, browse to the vendor, even though he isn’t online, you can also by phone or leave a message, given to his trade request. Similarly, as a supplier, you can with consumers around the country trading transaction request can be received at any time. This break through the geographical and time limitations on transactions via the Internet, buyers and sellers can find their own counterparty. E-commerce enterprises bring together buyers and sellers of supply and demand information, they create a great deal of trading opportunities, the huge advantage of the contest with the transaction line. Alibaba and Global Sources through a concentrated display of the supply and demand information, earn pours.

Vice Minister Jiang Yaoping pointed out that e-commerce electronizes and digitizes the traditional business. These significantly reduce manpower, material and cost. At the same time, e-commerce breaks through time and space. This makes transactions more convenient and efficient. In addition, e-commerce also has the features of the globalization and open. This may create more trade opportunities for enterprises. It is among the most reliable means for SMEs to step out of the plight.

Domestic e-commerce companies, daring not to be sloppy, one after another start the ‘winter’ program to reduce the price of service delivery, improve the quality of service and innovate the forms of services. At this time of SMEs should further enhance the use and popularity of e-commerce to increase the efficiency of access to information and further reduce transaction costs. SMEs accelerate the rate of e-commerce, not just for response to the present financial crisis, but upgrade its long-term competitiveness. The number of Chinese SMEs reached more than 3400 million, and the absence of access to the Internet 11, 000, 000; 70% of the exports is done by SMEs, while exports in the shape of e-commerce accounted for only 4%. There is huge potential for e-commerce to SMEs, as a result.

Find a convenience store, is the selection of drinks, and then pay to get Coke. The second step is first put up, Let me to mention the third step of the kind handover. The physical transfer of money, the goods, that is, capital flow and logistics, convenience stores directly take money delivery, one-stop service. E-commerce through the development of online payment and logistics, the last piece of the puzzle to fill in the transaction, but also realize the one-stop service. Be able to fill out a deal in the electricity business website, the development of electricity providers entered the stage interpretation of the notion of trading opportunities.

E-commerce breakthrough geographical and time restrictions on transactions, buyers and sellers can find their own counterparty to expand trading opportunities, greatly enhance the efficiency of the transaction, in some product areas, this advantage can not imagine trading in line while electricity supplier through a good user experience, with the potential consumers nationwide trading has tremendous trading opportunities, rapidly growing scale. This is the electricity supplier of the Belle Epoque.

Trading opportunities is a double-edged blade, when the brand to the consumer side, he can help you defeated the line under the retailer also can easily stab you. Consumers can easily access the counterparty greatly enhance the initiative means consumers trade negotiations with suppliers, online transactions, and if consumers aren’t happy with the convenience store, he would need to devote a few minutes walk dozens on one hundred meters to another counterparty online takes time, physical and other costs, but the cost of replacement counterparty is a couple of mouse clicks to another page replacement counterparty consumer online transactions easy, so with trading of electricity supplier negotiations, occupy a larger initiative, as long as it is slightly not satisfied, it’s possible to change the appliance business to do their own counterparty.

This poses a number of problems, good terms, while the marketing to do good, promotional efforts, then the consumer can easily with my transaction, and can scale up quickly. The other side is when competitors promotional and marketing do better than I, the consumer lost. And the other is the same electricity providers nationwide promotional influence its trading partners the same geographical and time limits, even if it’s a start-up small-scale electricity supplier, also can cause you much harm, traditional offline retailers, competitors almost the same heavyweight online to your competitors is the weight class limit.

In addition to the self-competition among electricity providers, consumers with greater autonomy are also forcing electricity providers to compete, the fast flowing consumers, large electricity providers allows promotional efforts to gain greater market share to assist the formation flow sexual prosperity, so big bloodletting electricity providers to take advantage of the thrill of trading opportunities. Consumers have a greater initiative to force electricity suppliers to ongoing promotion, consumers counterparty to be too easy, so very forgetful, homogenization of electricity providers easily forgotten by consumers, electricity providers who need not intermittent promote themselves as consumers preferred counterparty emerged, was not forgotten by consumers.

When consumers a choice between online retailers and electricity supplier under electricity providers are the big winners, when consumers more initiative in front of two or more appliances supplier, electricity supplier for certain products to said, ending the Red Sea is already doomed.

Today’s electricity suppliers winter, just enjoy the pleasure brought by the trading opportunities fatigue, more electricity supplier from convinced that trading opportunities drawbacks to gradually aware of the negative effects of trading opportunities, thereby gradually rational development process, but Pain is forgotten, electricity providers have to keep the the rational extent to which you can also view some time. They also self-adjust the time, really uncomfortable new electricity providers haven’t yet grown up.

The second step of the convenience store is selected beverage, this step is the hardest and most important.

Pick what sort of drinks, and relevant to the requirements of the current thirst to pick a thirst to quench their thirst, and won’t buy soy sauce or biscuits. Beginning of the election after the demarcation of the scope, drinks, and refers to the recognition of product information, brand, taste, price, appearance, etc., after reading the drinks on the shelves, the information collected is also worse than, began an evaluation of the value of the product, 50 a bottle of water, juice, water, promotional cola, which cost-effective to buy, maybe you said I was to buy a Coke, this just shows that you use the assessment results, if yesterday Coke 4 per bottle, now stands at $10, significant changes in the information, whether you want to re-weigh it. Whether it is cost-effective, the value of the purchase is a personal expression of will, everyone has their own opinion, not the same, but you bought a drink, that you finally recognized the value of this bottle beverage.

We can see a selection of drinks this step involves huge amount of information, including the products of the different types of information, personal wishes, and the last decision-making results, dynamic, static, public, private, and from which we can see huge application of Internet technology space. New media technologies can be either a collection of a range of information sources, multiple perspectives reflect the product information, consumers can also through new media personal wishes be expressed new media to reduce the process of the game between the consumers’ individual wishes and the true value of the product the make drinks selection process easier and faster. To make a long story short, the new electricity are a collection of consumer willingness to provide Live, focus on a deal to buy (when you are thirsty to purchase a drink, buy a bottle of soy sauce). Evaluation of consumer spending can represent a collection of display to the consumer review site production aspects of information communicated to the consumer to create a transparent products, such as the food industry, a collection of consumer willingness to participate in the development and production of the product the whole process can be a collection of consumers to establish consumer channels, and so on.

The relationship between consumers and suppliers will change from the counterparty to work with each other, to consumer groups and suppliers trading negotiations change from individual consumers negotiations game.

The e-commerce transactions through the use of Internet technology to improve the efficiency of the buyers and sellers trading and reduce the transaction costs of buyers and sellers, thereby enhancing the efficiency of resource allocation. Can likewise be seen to match the rate of development of e-trade and the development of Internet technology in the early just buyers and sellers of supply and demand information display on one page, also provided the first step of the transaction, create transactions for buyers and sellers opportunities; mature Internet technology in the path of information dissemination, so e-commerce have competitive capital transactions with the line, and be able to copy the business model of the transaction line; development of Internet information interactive technology, e-commerce specific consumer With innovative technology foundation’s willingness transaction negotiations.

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