In the real quest for making the human work simpler and minimizing the risk of accidents in carrying out the unsafe tasks, many researchers and researchers are making every effort in developing and customizing the existing industrial robots. Robots find a really large application in most of the fields and in everyday uses likewise. Slowly but gradually robotics have become a fundamental part of life. The use and value of these flexible and powered structures can’t be ignored. Robots more specifically can be defined as a device which can pick up the parameters of the environment and can work autonomously i.e. working without using any inputs offered by human once started.

Robotics is the field of technology which deals and includes the study of designing, structure and operation of electro-mechanical devices which can be regulated or directed by a computer system program or electronic circuitries. The industrial robotics is a field which lives with the design and research of the robots which are made use of in the manufacturing processes in the markets (formally the manipulators). The industrial robots find their numerous applications like that of welding, assembly, get hold of pick and place, ironing, screening and evaluation of the products, painting. And all these works are done with high speed, precision and speed. The most frequently used industrial robots setups are gantry robots, articulated robots and SCARA robots.

Today, robots are progressively being utilized ion industrial applications. Common industrial robots do jobs that are difficult, dull or dangerous. They lift heavy objects, paint, handle chemicals, and perform assembly work. They perform the same job hour after hour, day after day with precision. Essentially, robots are made use of in the industry for doing tasks that need accuracy, endurance, speed, and reliability.

Generally robots that fall under this category are divided into 2 classes: first of all, robots used for expert jobs, and the secondly, robots used for individual use. The former category comprises of robots made use of in military purposes, underwater jobs or for cleaning contaminated materials. Personal robots also end up being popular, and are being seen in geographic areas like a core offering, animal robots, house cleaning and entertaining.

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Robots are likewise being made use of for clinical or area expeditions. Today, two vital devices exist which are proven space robots. One is the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and the other is the Remote Manipulator System (RMS). One of the very best known ROV’s is the Sojourner rover that was deployed by the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft. Numerous NASA centers are involved in getting space-based robots and planetary explorers.

Robots make use of four different functions that are demanding, extensively and need a high level of effectiveness and precision. Today we cannot picture work without the aid of robots. With the advancement in science and technology, robots will be utilized in every sphere of life.

ARTICULATED ROBOTS: Articulated robots can simply be defined as a robot geared up with rotary joints. The structure can range from two jointed structures which is simple enough to ten or more joints which are interactive. The plan of the joint is done in the chain form so that one joint can support the other joint. Consisting of the electric motor, the power is offered by different methods. The variety of joints in this particular robot depends upon the 2 aspects that are their design and its dedicated function. The variations of rotary joints are consisted of in the articulated robots in order to offer a full range and accurate motion.

Typically, articulated robots are utilized in the production lines. Lots of scientists are dealing with the betterment of the articulated robots and discover their utilization in the field of getting robotic arms and in teaching the robots to stroll. Additionally the joints in the articulated robots can likewise be programmed in such a way so that they can interact with each other for offering a greater degree of control of the robot system.

GANTRY ROBOTS: For a long range heavy lifting gantry robot’s use is extremely approachable. The gantry robotic system can be adjusted according to the use as it is versatile. A manipulator is mounted on the overhead system which enables the horizontal activity of it. They are likewise called linear robot or Cartesian robot. The very basic use of the linear robot is to choose and place heavy items from one place to another, however, it has other industrial applications too like for performing welding and drilling task. Their structures are different from the other robots. This really useful robot is stationary consisting of a minimum of three moving aspects.

SCARA ROBOT: The acronym SCARA represents a selective compliance assembly robot arm. The work envelope provided by the SCARA is circular. Work envelope can be defined as the range of the movement of the robot. The circular envelope offers an included versatility to it and it can be built in a smaller sized scale. The 4 axis motion is the factor behind for its circular motion. It is quite useful in element for the industrial applications like in a pick and product packaging, drop and assembly applications.

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