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I teach at Christian Leadership University. While teaching one of my seminars I felt a feeling of confusion and discomfort. I was teaching about being a vessel of Christ. However, something did not feel right. So, went to the Lord in prayer and asked several questions. Why was I uncomfortable? How do you, God, want me to teach this class? Those questions led to other questions. Are we supposed to be vessels? Is that all we’re or is there more? God answered my questions and I wrote down what he told me. .

There is a big trend in wedding centerpieces right now to explore options beyond traditional bouquets of flowers. This lends itself perfectly to the notion of making your vessels a focal point. Using a low square or round clear glass vase, fill the vessel almost to the summit with the material of your choice. It could be smooth black river rocks, sand, or even bright green pebbles. Then place a coordinating element on top. For the sand, it could become a starfish or a votive candle, on upper part of the river rocks a single perfect flower bloom, or a bright pink gerbera daisy as a pop of color on the green pebbles. For even more impact, group your centerpieces in sets of three on each table.

Back to our discussion….

Mark, you have been accentuating the fact that you’re a vessel. Mark, you’re more than a vessel– there’s also an organic union. Eventually you become conscious of Me at all times; there is no longer this illusion of separation, that I am something within you and separate from you. There comes the revelation that we’re one. So life and vocabulary take on a completely new perspective.

Those are the stages one goes through. You are actually in the third phase at this stage in your life. You were talking as if you were in the latter stage. Thus you experienced confusion. You haven’t distinguished the fact that there’s a progression in one’s revelation and thus one’s vocabulary as he goes through this process.

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