Sony Patents a Next Generation Energy-saving TV

Sony has yet again upped the ante in their staple audio-visual prowess as they recently patent an innovative technology that drastically reduces energy consumption of the television. There are however, other models from other manufacturers already out on the market with sensor, capable of recognizing if there is a user in front of the panel, and is therefore actively using the TV, or if the room is currently unoccupied otherwise. In the case of the latter, the presence sensor can give the order to turn off the screen on its own and without human intervention, if the absence lasts for a pre-set period of time.

The new system of Sony is based on a principle almost identical to, but more advanced than its competitors in the market. In addition to the sensor which detects user presence, there are 3 installed cameras, which not only detect the presence of a warm body, but also embedded in it is a pre-installed software for recognizing faces, with ultra precision analysis of facial features, like the mouth, eyes, eyebrows and so on. This is how the energy saving system goes to work as it makes it possible to determine with greater accuracy the presence of people in the environment. Furthermore, there are also features dedicated to user preference that allows full customization of the visual settings. A pre-customized user profile is saved in the system’s internal memory for quick selection.

Depending on the case, some actions are pro-actively initiated such as screen brightness reduction, or automatic switch-off, with the volume simultaneously reducing to a subtle level to total mute when the sensor detects that  a subject, although present in the room, is actually asleep, rendering operation to a minimal, thereby greatly contributing to energy saving.

Statistically, these features can reduce fuel consumption by up to 40% less .



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