Dental Evacuation Systems


You probably don’t think much about saliva unless you find yourself drooling into the pillow at night. But it’s a very important part of normal oral functioning. You could not properly digest food without saliva and it also helps to keep your teeth strong. Fortunately, we all unconsciously swallow any extra spit, thus avoiding embarrassment in public.

However, saliva can also be a pain, particularly at the dentist. When you’re in the chair with your mouth open and a procedure is underway, you can’t swallow the normal accumulation of saliva. Worse, the fact that someone has instruments or their fingers in there can cause you to salivate even more.

So you don’t drool all over yourself, dentists have a device they use called an evacuation system. That tube they put in your mouth is a key part. Suction is generated that allows the tube to suck up the excess saliva. This fluid is then drained off. As you can imagine with all of the patients seen over the course of a typical day, cleaning the evacuation system should become a daily task for workers in every practice.

However, this is not done with just soap and water. A special cleansing formula like BioPure organic evacuation cleaner is necessary to get the job done and preserve the sterile conditions required by modern dentistry. To ensure worker safety, the regular goggles, gloves, and gown are worn while cleaning the machine. When the procedure is done, any loose debris accumulated over the day is now gone and water flows freely through the tube. The disposable cleaning tool is then discarded into the practice’s biohazard disposal receptacle.





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