Oracle Releases Patch to Stop Java 7 Leak


A few days ago, we talked about the vulnerability of Java 7 on OS X and today we continue to write about the issue and its recent developments.

The problem was very general – it involved all operating systems with the latest version of  Java SE 7 Update 6 installed. Given the gravity of the situation and the fact that Oracle had promised updates on a quarterly basis, it promptly released a minor update which is now known to be the  Java SE 7 Update 7. For now, this update seems to have fixed the problem but we want to give it a bit more time before we confirm that all leaks have really been sealed.

Among other things, David Maynor, CTO of Errata Security, has confirmed that the exploit, Metasploit  also works (and it should!)  also on Mac with the latest version of OS X Lion Mountain. The previous version has been reported to be non-functional on Mac computers and this has caused problems among Mac computer owners. It’s good to know that they have finally released a version that works since Mac computers are quickly becoming popular among consumers. Without this update, Java would have faced a decrease in sales as majority of applications highly depend on the Java platform.

With the recent release, all Mac users are invited to proceed to the official page of  Oracle so they can upgrade their Java version to the new and not to mention functional Java SE 7.