Dead Space 3 Finally Out of the Box

Fans of the cult mega series Dead Space, rejoice!

The creators have officially disclosed that in their effort to satisfy the clamoring game fan base, they are releasing the much awaited 3rd sequel to the already legendary 2 part series. The public is always eagerly waiting for the launch of the highly anticipated Dead Space 3, thus the producers are in high notes as they unveil the holy grail. They also meant to warn fans of an extremely lengthy gameplay of at least 100 hours for the latter part of the saga, thanks to an additional layer that will expand the plot a little.

Below is a statement made by the development team regarding what to expect from the recently released franchise as the AusGamer mob ambushed them for an interview:


“I think that Dead Space 3 is a bit different because we have more depth in the gameplay, and also in the room. We have beta-path, which are entirely optional and additional levels to explore, which is great if you want to find a good resource. ”

“This is linked to the functionality of the weapon-crafting and management of resources, because if you explore the world to find the best resources get the best parties and the most powerful weapons.”

Before retiring the team reveals that if there is a commitment to craft arms getting stronger, the duration of the chapter will be quadrupled, because players will be forced to wander the map looking around for the best items that will surely define the final outcome of the stage.

Dementia never felt this good. If you’re wondering why, grab a copy of your own Dead space 3, out now!

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