The new iPhone 5 has 1GB of RAM

Not a single soul (or nearly so), hasn’t heard of the now officially marketed iPhone 5. Even before its launch in September, people had been long clamoring for updates on the release of the iPhone 4’s big brother which (presumably) promises a supped-up functionality. Those that are missing are the technical details that geeks everywhere, and most especially the crafty developers, have been aching to know the soonest possible. While previous generations of the iPhone, such as 4 and 4s, had only 512MB of RAM to run the operating system smoothly and without those annoying lags especially when attempting to connect to the internet, browser and all applications in the background, the new iPhone 5 seems to have been an improvement that has led the creators to decide to double the size of the initial memory capacity.

To reach this conclusion, notwithstanding the device being in the stillborn stage, the boys from AnandTech managed by simply analyzing the image of the A6 chip shown in the last Keynote , to snatch the technical specifications of the new RAM: interface, speed and bandwidth .


The A6 chip shown during the keynote,  was the part number K3PE7E700F-XGC2 . Decomposing this serial comes out that the first part K3P indicates that the RAM present inside it is in dual-channel configuration type LPDDR2 with channel 32-bit . The second block is marked with the symbol E7E7 indicates, the density of each DRAM module present (512MB per die, 1GB in total ). The two end characters are to indicate the operating frequency of such modules equal, in this case, to 1066Mhz . It has finally arrived, only now with an acceptable amount of memory to be able to withstand running multiple applications in the background without letting up and allow developers to create games and applications more complex and exorbitant.


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