They Cared More About the Technicalities and Traded Away the Looks!!

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BlackBerry Z30 is the wide screen phone BlackBerry has ever produced. It’s a larger-screen alternative to the BlackBerry Z10. Its 5-inch screen competes with the most famous Android phones of the year. But there is no doubt that this is a quality phone in most respects.

Well, BlackBerry Z30 may not be the most splendid-looking phone in the world, but believe me; they cared much more about the technicalities and easily traded away the looks.

BlackBerry Z30 is strong and reliable. It is made of a ‘glass weave’ plastic which is twice as strong as normal plastic, in the words of BlackBerry. It is common these days for phones to try to look and feel as thin and light as possible, but BlackBerry Z30 is not particularly thin or light. It’s 9.4mm thick and at 170g it’s much heavier than most rivals of this size. Galaxy S4 is 130 g and HTC One is 143 g. the benefit Z30 enjoys is that even if to slip or drop it, all parts of the phone will remain intact. This is a very vital experiment to judge its strength. It has a few extra hardware features that nerds will love, too. On its left edge next to the usual micro USB port is a micro HDMI video output, and under the plastic cover is a micro SD memory card slot. It has a multi-color LED indicator that flashes red, green or blue depending on the type of notification it’s telling you about. Simply awesome!

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