Viber Voice Calls for Windows Phones Soon to Be Released



Viber is without a doubt one of the most widely used mobile applications among smartphone users. Not only is it good for sending free SMS and MMS messages, but it also allows users to send out free voice calls as long as internet access is available. However, Windows phone users are only limited to the SMS feature and that has caused quite an inconvenience.

Despite Viber’s fame, an update is yet to be released for Windows phone users. Good news is that the clamor seems to have finally reached the ears of Viber’s big wigs as there are talks that the voice call feature may finally become available to Windows phone users. Further mentioned is that it may be downloaded from Microsoft’s virtual store.

Through Viber’s Facebook page, representatives of the aforementioned company have released a statement saying that the update is still in the development stage and asks for a bit of patience from Windows phone users. Many are hopeful that the free voice call feature will finally be available when Windows 8 phone finally rolls out. But as of writing, a definite date or a confirmation is yet to be released so there really is nothing left for Windows phone owners to do but to wait.


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