Why I do not like Cell Phones?


Seriously, I am among those fewest species on earth that still hate cell phones! Even after zillions of technological advancements and creative devices in the market, I continue to hate cell phones as much as I hated when the only cell phone available was Nokia 3310 (the one with yellow light).

Cell phones kind of nauseate me. I think I am a very private person. I cannot bear a phone beeping or vibrating on my side all the time. Neither can I tolerate those FB or Twitter messages being sent on my phone for my convenience.

You know when do I abhor my cell phone most? When I had just sat down on my beloved toilet seat and it starts ringing. Oh God!!! Such a torture that moment is to me! There is this inquisitiveness in me that I cannot carry on with that private chore of mine and I become obliged to check my phone. Why exactly did God make me like that? I have not yet apprehended the answer L

It is completely above the level of my understanding that how can people actual converse over text messages. I mean seriously? Then why cannot I do this? Why am I so dumb while texting and so agile while talking face to face? People actually text their friends and can communicate the entire night! Why does my shoulder ache after the third or fourth text message?

I thing I do not have the gene to love this device. I always prefer laptop to a smart phone, even for a task as simple as liking a status.

Do you even think I need help?

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