Will Nexus 7 Be Embraced by the French Market?

In August last year, Google started shipping Nexus 7 to France and other European countries. Before it entertained the idea of expanding to the European market, Nexus 7 was well received by critics. CNET, the top website for tech product reviews, updates, podcasts, and software downloads, even gave it four out of five stars saying it has a “”beautiful screen, fast performance, a comfortable design, and overall great media options.”

nexus 7 tablet


In the US, UK, and Canada, Nexus 7 sold well that it was even tagged as one of iPad’s fiercest competitors. The gadget really has something that will back its quest for international domination. Now, will it excel in all the European countries that it initially chose for expansion? Which country will greatly welcome Nexus 7?

France is one of the largest markets for smartphones and tablets. Two years ago, the country which is home to the Eiffel Tower was named as Europe’s top mobile computer usage. Will Nexus 7 be added to the French consumers’ wish list in the coming years? Most of the French use gadgets such as tablets or smartphones for communication.

Life in France is fast-paced and gadgets like those are necessities. Nexus 7 boasts an Android operating system and built-in Wi-Fi and near field communication (NFC) connectivity, which means internet access is made more available. This advancement will surely help facilitate a busy life.

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Nexus 7 is especially made to improve internet woes. The French market could really benefit from the Google product since it offers “pure Android” experience. Through this gadget, they can now enjoy games from Ubisoft, Bwin, and Zynga on iOS, Java, and Android. If internet connection is what’s slowing down your life, Nexus 7 is the product to grab.

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