Price for Windows Pro 8 to Increase to $199 After January 31

According to sources close to Microsoft,, the price in the store for Windows 8 Pro will change from $69.99USD to $199 after the promotion expires January 31, 2013. However, anyone in possession of a license of Windows can take advantage of an online promotion to download Windows 8 Pro for $39.99USD from the Microsoft website. Currently though, license for the Windows 8 Pro still retails for only $69.99.

The pricing may seem quite hard to understand at first but it is actually quite simple.

If you already have a license to any of the previous Windows operating system releases, you can upgrade your system to Windows 8 Pro for only $39.99 USD. Microsoft has not released any statement as to whether or not this price may change in the future. This price of course, is only valid for those that choose to download the upgrade from the Microsoft website. Should you choose to have your system upgraded elsewhere, you may have to pay a different price.  It’s a different thing when it comes to users who purchased a new Windows 7 PC from 2 June 2012 to 31 January 2013. They can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro only $14.99USD.

For those who will be purchasing a new PC after the 31st of January would have to pay the full price of $199 for the Windows 8 Pro Operating System.

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